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This is the current state of my home (and yes, you really should consider relocating your oven to your dining room.)…

And we recently had a yard of muddy, drenched belongings that looked like the lamest tag sale ever…

I’ve embraced the sport of dumpster diving (due to inadvertently throwing out a few toys that I was hell bent on salvaging)…

We found a rental house and tried to settle in before school started.

Dylan was apprehensive on her first day of first grade (this is the only photo I could snap before she demanded the camera be put away).

Despite that face, she had pretty good day.

And then I thought maybe I could relax for just a tiny moment.

But Thursday morning, after a long night of heavy rain, we drove over to our house and found this…

Yeah, that’s my street.  Flooded. Again.

After the waters subsided, I surveyed the two feet of water in my basement and garage which of course soaked the only furniture we had been able to save a week earlier from hurricane Irene.

It’s all very distressing.

I called up a local TV station and gave them a tour of my property. Because my home is not supposed to be a house boat. And because money must be allocated to fix the flooding problem in my area. People are rebuilding their homes, only to have them destroyed again. And again.

Rick is calling local legislators.

It’s kind of like we are Erin Brockovich.

Except I doubt Erin Brockovich gets traumatized every time she hears the dishwasher because she thinks it’s raining again.

mama bird notes:

The contest to win an iPad 2 is now closed. I will be announcing a winner shortly!


32 Responses to i’m really starting to hate water

  • Nina says:

    Our house flooded last Thanksgiving and I SO know the feeling you have when you hear water…the dishwasher, water boiling on the stove….you panic for that split second it takes you to realize what you are hearing. By the way, we had our frig in our living room. Hang in there, it WILL get better.

  • Kerri says:

    Oh Kelcey, how disappointing (yeah I know not nearly descriptive enough)! However, with it happening a second time without the torrential downpour then it is obvious that something needs to be done in your community to control the flooding. If it only happened once it is a fluke, but this often?! It needs to be addressed & it sounds like you just might be the “go get”her”” to get it going & keep it going. If the whole neighbourhood experienced it, I bet they will be behind you too!

  • Laura says:

    Was the forever-silenced Elmo one of the toys you managed to salvage from the dumpster? Because I think he would be infinitely more tolerable w/o the power of speech. I like your dining room chandelier, btw. How devastating to find that your street looks like Venice AGAIN!
    I cannot imagine how discouraging that is:(

  • Peta says:

    Kelsey, I ve gone through similar waters…….having purchased a house from a couple who “forgot” to mention a condemned flood control unit, resulting in a foot of sewage in my newly remodeled house, multiple times. I too have PTSD response evrytime it rains, until I confirm the sump is on. There just aren’t words to describe how I feel, but I know your pain. The only words of advice I can give are to go slowly, take care of yourself, and cut no corners in managing the water issues. I’m still finding little moldy reminders years later because I tried to fix things the cheap way. My thought are with you, and hope for some calm in your lives ASAP.

  • Lisa says:

    I am so sorry you guys are going through this – this is devastating. But the commenter Jessica above just made me laugh (& I hope it helped you laugh a little too) I agree, I think an Erin Brokovich outfit would make you feel better.

  • I admire that you can keep your sense of humor while going through this… it’s awful.

    That said, Kelcey, do we need to talk about Hoarding? Should I be calling TLC? “See? She can’t keep herself out of dumpsters. And look at her yard. COME QUICK!”

  • Team Suzanne says:

    We live on a top of a huge hill that makes my thighs burn. And it doesn’t stop once you get to our house–the driveway is also a steep hill. I curse it a lot.

    When we were looking at the house, because I’m like, an S-M-R-T home buyer–I asked about how dry the basement stays. The realtor looked at me and said something like–you got here via the same hill I did, right? No, jerkwad–the basement does not get water in it.

    Reading your story and watching the news, and seeing neighborhoods that aren’t on the bank of a river still flood, makes me thankful.

    And the understated tone of your posts is awesome. “It’s all very distressing.” To say the least!

  • Kim says:

    I am so sorry Kelcey! How disheartening, did the previous owners have to mention flooding issues at all? I hope that you and Rick are able to get things resolved with your county soon, but in the mean time, I am praying for sunshine to fill your streets! Rain, rain, go away!!!!!

    • Steph says:

      That is unbelievable! I am so very sorry that it flooded your home AGAIN. I was thinking the same thing as Wendi. In Austin, we need the rain, and you need the sun. So come on down and bring the rain with you, please. My girls & I would love to play with your babies.

  • jill Sherman says:

    Oh gosh Kelcey! I am so sorry you all are having to live though this! If you want a vaca out in the country of Lancaster PA…we’d love to have you all!!! Hugs!

  • candice windom says:

    Kelcey, I am saddened reading this! I am sorry that your family is going through such an ordeal. I live in Syracuse, and while we haven’t seen the same devistation here, my husband’s hometown and several other nearby towns were severely damaged. It brings tears to my eyes and makes me thankful my home is not in a flood zone. Thank you for keeping us updated in your time of distress, and for keeping your wonderful sense of humor through it all. We love you!

  • Meg D says:

    Erin Brokovich, perfect Halloween costume. Glad you are managing to keep some sense of humour. This really is awful stuff. You guys are in my prayers.

  • annie says:

    Ah man….I’m so sorry! This just sucks!! We have friends in Wilkes-Barre who evacuated yesterday and I’ve had all of you on my mind.

    I love that you manage to find humor – even if it’s just for our benefit. Hang in there and vent away as needed.

  • Alex G says:

    Seriously??? Can a woman catch a break? What’s next, locusts? Well, I guess we can add “new furniture” to the list of upsides. Ugh. Sorry, Kelce. This sucks. Keep plowing through it like the strong, determined woman I know you are. And, just keep everything on the second floor for the time being.

  • johanna says:

    oh my gosh, I’m sooo sorry this has all happened to you. I think you have a smile/laugh in that dumpster picture…good for you for not having a breakdown yet 🙂 good luck. let us know how we can help.

  • Aunt Marcia (Guess Whose?) says:

    Sorry for the flood Kelcey. I went through it also, minus the 4 children. In California they HAVE TO DISCLOSE (before you buy your house) if it’s in a Flood Zone or ever flooded. If it’s the same law in NY, and it flooded before, and the sellers didn’t let you know….you’ve got some $$$ coming to you. Good luck.

  • Liane says:

    This is so terrible. I have been thinking of you and all of those affected. You might know about this, but just in case you do not… I received an email today from Pottery Barn stating that they will give 15% off to all those affected by the recent flooding. All you need to do is go into a store and show your FEMA, completed insurance claim or gov’t docs. It might seem silly, but I thought you and others you know might like to know.
    Best wishes to you and yours. The sun will shine again, and it will be even brighter.

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