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A couple weeks ago, I told my kids that I was having surgery. (I’ve had an abdominal hernia for a long time). Of course, my kids were very concerned about my well being but masked it really well by saying things like, “WE ARE SO EXCITED ABOUT YOUR SURGERY! DADDY WILL BE HOME ALL WEEK!!”

And of course everyone else I told was convinced I was having a boob job because apparently in Florida “surgery” is code for “boob job.”  So now I feel like I have to  buy some push up bras so South Florida residents won’t be disappointed. Or maybe a t-shirt that says, “Same Old Boobs That Nursed 5 Kids, Better Stomach!”

At first I was panicked about the surgery. As soon as the surgeon came in, I asked the two most important questions you can ask any doctor… 1. Are you sober? 2. Have you ever done this procedure before? After that, it’s game on!

I had to spend one night in the hospital and one of the nurses came in to ask me if I was related  to that CBS 4 guy on the news. “I am!” I exclaimed. “I’m married to that CBS4 guy!!” She was thrilled which I figured could only mean good news for my nursing care.

Now that I’m on the other side of the surgery, I’m panicked with how much TV I’ll have to watch. Like this morning I saw this segment on “Today” with beauty tips from Naomi Campbell. This was her actual advice…

1. Drink warm water with lime juice

2. Drink green vegetable juices for breakfast

3. Do yoga/ pilotes

4. Eat everything in moderation

5. Use moisturizer

6. Keep your style simple

I mean, what? Did she come up with these in the green room 5 minutes before the interview? 30 years of modeling and one of her beauty secrets is “use moisturizer?”

And by the way, I could drink a bathtub of warm water and lime juice, and I’m not going to look anything like that 44 year old super model.


See why TV is not making me feel better?

Since I’m really not great at sitting still and doing nothing while in pain (is anyone?) – please tell me your fave TV show or movie. I would love something funny and light. I just watched the most recent “Parenthood” episode and they are trying to depress us so much we won’t even care it’s going off the air.

By the way, that CBS4 news guy (along with my mom) have been rock stars taking care of me.

24 Responses to i’m not good at resting

  • Emily says:

    If you have Netflix you should try watching Scandal. The first three seasons are there for your viewing pleasure. Or…there is always ten seasons of Friends you could catch up on. Hope you are pain free in no time!

  • Karin says:

    Moonstruck! It’s the best–and laugh-out-loud funny. My 16-year-old daughter and I watched it last night–twice! (We were kicking off a three-day weekend!)

  • Jordana says:

    Get Amazon Prime and watch Transparent. Just binge watched the whole thing. All my other faves are from you! But I can hook you up with book recs!

  • Christie says:

    I was home sick yesterday and felt the same way about Naomi C’s “secret beauty tips”! So I switched to Caribbean Getaways, House Hunters in the Caribbean. I binge watched that for a while and dreamed about my own beach getaway, then switched to Ellen because, well, Ellen.
    I have a hard time watching movies when I am home sick bc my attention span is like that of a fruit fly. Marathons of Modern Family and Friends were keeping me entertained yesterday.
    Feel better!

  • I know it’s not light, but Sherlock (on Netflix) is awesomely funny! People kept telling me to watch it and I was all “Nah, I’m not a detective-story kind of gal.” But it is easily the best thing ever.

    Orange is the New Black is great, also, but heaven help you if one of the kids comes barreling into your room while it is on. Just…no.

  • Beth says:

    Hope you feel better real soon! Reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond are the best. Always leaves you smiling, laughing , and saying I know someone like that!

  • Lanie says:

    Gossip Girl
    Modern Family

    Princess Bride
    When Harry Met Sally

    I know that you have seen all of these before but if I think of anything new or come up with any magic I am sending it your way. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  • Aunt Michele says:

    I love Shameless and Californication on showtime. You need to binge watch to really get the full flavor. Hope you are feeling better.

  • Erin says:

    Rest up and feel better soon! I think you need to start from the beginning of gossip girl to see how it was even humanly possible that DAN was GG. I still can’t comprehend that.

  • bitsy says:

    Orange Is The New Black. Best show ever. And suburbancorrespondent is right – DO NOT let a kid walk in while you’re viewing.

  • Sarka says:

    Mad Men (drama), Friends (fun), TBBT (fun), Girls (strange, fun), Gilmore Girls (fun)
    You’ve Got Mail (romcom), Pitch Perfect (fun, music), Pleasantville (smart fun), Bridesmaids (fun), Enchanted (fun), Kolja (fun)

  • Princess Judy says:

    I don’t rest well either and I hate brainless hours of TV so if you were me, here is how you would rest: dusting, reorganizing drawers, refolding clothes in drawers, writing letters, reading, walking around hunched up and complaining how much I hurt, having a long heart to heart talk with the cat about your imminent demise (obviously coming because of how much you hurt), and napping. Repeat ad naseum.

  • Laura says:

    I was gonna recommend watching “Parenthood” on Netflix from the pilot. Just finished through last season and loooved it. Waiting for season 6 on Netflix so I can binge watch w/o commercials. Seriously, this season is depressing? 🙁

  • Mary Clare says:

    I know it sucks to be in pain, but did you secretly like having a hospital stay? I often fantasize about getting quiet time away from the kids — you know, by break my leg or something, have a nurse bring me food, and actually recline and rest. Its probably a better scenario in my head than in reality. For funny semi-mindless sitcoms I like The Mindy Project, 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation. For dramas – Mad Men, Transparent, OITNB. Hope you feel better soon and the kids don’t make you watch endless Sponge Bob cartoons instead of your shows.

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