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The Big Apple Circus is in town. And apparently I’m going to be in it.

It’s just a bit part. Nothing fancy. Just the GUEST RINGMASTER.

You see, the nice folks over at the Big Apple Circus generously invited some of us NYC area bloggers to one of their shows and then they graciously invited me to be the guest ringmaster. Which means I get to wear an authentic ringmaster coat and introduce the second act.

My first thought: I will throw up, hyperventilate and die.

My second thought: Hey, if I don’t throw up, hyperventilate and die, this will totally be fun. I hope the jacket looks cute on me.

My third thought: If the ringmaster coat looks cute, will they let me keep it?

My fourth thought: Of course they won’t let me keep it. Don’t be so greedy Kelcey

My fifth thought: Maybe I should wear my Priscilla Presley/Amy Winehouse wig.

My sixth thought: Put away the wig. I’ve suffered enough humiliation with that beehive.

I figure at the very least my appearance could make me a contender for Bello the Clown’s understudy.

And this is sure to snap Rick out of his post World Series Phillies’ blues. When your favorite team doesn’t come through, you can always count on your wife to join the circus.

And if something goes wrong, I can always just jump on one of those show horses and gallop back to Westchester Julia Roberts’ style.

mama bird notes:

If you are looking to purchase tickets to the Big Apple Circus in Manhattan (and trust me, it’s fabulous), click here or call 888-541-3750 and then use the discount code: MOMMY10.

On another note, have you been reading the Mouthy Housewives this week? If not, you missed this hilarious post from our guest poster Neil from Citizen of the Month. And every week, we Mouthy Housewives dispense loads of brilliant pretty good, super cheap and always entertaining advice, so send us your questions to ask@mouthyhousewives.com. All questions are confidential.

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