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I don’t want you guys to worry about me. I know my lovely babysitter is now unavailable and I were barely hanging on anyway.Β  Plus – Chase, Harlowe, Summer and I just got diagnosed with strep throat.Β  For the second time. This month.

But just know, I’ve still got everything completely under control.

My dad is helping me and I graciously thanked him by writing a post about his quirky eating habits. And my mom helps out too which is why I’m letting it slide that she keeps trying to steal the girls’ Justin Bieber doll and is dying to see him in concert. (The pop star. Not the doll.)

And Rick is totally pitching in when he’s not at work and there isn’t a baseball game on. By the way, those players should unionize or something because they are cruelly forced to play ball practically every single night.

So we are definitely keeping it all together over here.

I mean, it only took me 14 hours to figure out that my diaper bag was missing and then just another 9 hours to actually find it. But seriously, doesn’t everyone keep their diaper bag on the 3rd floor of their local Y anyway?

And I may have lost track of Chase for a few minutes in the house. But no biggie. Because he was right there…

in the dishwasher.Β  I would have immediately pulled him out but he was happy and that kid is awesome at organizing the flatware for optimum cleaning.

And no I didn’t brush my teeth today. And I missed my dental cleaning two weeks ago. I really should call them to reschedule but now it seems awkward. I would focus more on myself but I have children to care for – and you can bet their pearly whites are – okay, maybe their teeth didn’t get brushed today. But last night FOR SURE.

And you know I didn’t let Dylan out of the house in those feet pajamas she was wearing this weekend. I marched her right upstairs to change and she came down in…..

a different set of pajamas. But she threw on a skirt – so it looks fine to me.

And gosh dammit – where the hell is Chase now?

In the laundry room. Man, that kid is fast.

Oh, and has anyone seen his twin sister?

Right. I have to remember to shut the fridge.

And I was super proud of myself because we made cupcakes over vacation and I totally remembered this time to use those little cupcake wrappers. But unfortunately, I forgot to use the cupcake trays…

So please. Do not be concerned about me. Not for one second. I’m all right. Everything is way under control.

I’ll clean that up in a minute. I just need to pull our iPod out of Chase’s mouth.

P.S. Sadly, nothing was staged for this post.

P.P.S. I did not actually purchase the Justin Bieber doll. I won it from Dusty Earth Mother.Β  So there.

P.P.P.S. I totally would have purchased it.

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