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Everyone is trying to scare the crap out of me. Every few days I receive an email warning me of yet another risk to my innocent, sweet children. There have been several major toy recalls with long lists of toys featuring characters like Dora the Explorer and Elmo. Elmo is so darling with that red, matty hair and perky personality. Now I find out he is just lurking in my toy bin waiting to share a little lead paint with my unsuspecting children.

Apparently, my baby bottles and sippy cups can’t be trusted either. How is that possible when they all have those cute little butterfly and teddy bear designs in such fun colors? But apparently many of them contain a possibly toxic ingredient called bisphenol A which can leach into the bottle’s contents (especially when they are heated in a microwave or dishwasher). Depending on what you read, bisphenol A is either completely harmless or quite dangerous. Who wants to take chances? So I rush off to Whole Foods to invest in a safer plastic bottle.

I’m barely back from Whole Foods when I have a new email warning me of the dangers of a magic eraser sponge. There are even pictures of a poor little boy who got serious burns on his face after using this cleaning product. I have never even heard of this Mr. Clean sponge that promises to magically erase crayon and marker from your walls but it sure looks evil. I’m thankful that I only use all natural cleaning products in my home. Phew. Looks like I escaped that one.

It can all make a mom crazy. Isn’t it enough to live in Manhattan where I jump into taxis without car seats and can’t avoid constantly hearing about the next potential terrorist attack on soft targets like the subway system? I do want to know about all these potential dangers but the knowing is also making me nuts. Plus, I pass these scary emails along to my friends. Am I forwarding important alerts or just ratcheting up the panic?

Luckily, my kids don’t know about all of this. My daughter Dylan still thinks that little redhead Elmo is the nicest guy in the world. Now that I’ve checked his product number and he’s in the clear, I guess I still like him too.

4 Responses to i’m afraid of my inbox

  • Janna says:

    I agree! After a friend emailed me about the bottles a few months ago, I went to the store & bought all new bottles. It made me crazy! (And my husband thought I was nuts too). I called my friend (who doesn't have kids by the way) & told her thanks for the email but to please never forward me anything like that again. If it's really bad, I'd read it on the front page of the newspaper (like all the lead recently…great). I guess sticks, water, dirt & grass really are the best toys.

  • Daphne says:

    I admit, magic erasers are the coolest thing I have ever seen and I am crushed. My daughters, like the poor boy in the scary email, love to scrub their walls clean with this amazing product, that works where none other ever scrape the surface. Now what? Guess we get used to the crayon stripes on the walls.

  • Alecia Kintner says:

    I agree — Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are awesome. Kelcey, I think you would love them. My babies are too little to do anything with them, so maybe I can get their benefits a while longer without worrying about their evils. They saved me hours of repainting and made the walls look new. The time I saved on painting was time I spent with the kids! I guess there are trade-offs with everything.

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