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This weekend my 6 year old twins were invited to a birthday party. I considered whether I could bring their younger sibling along too. I mean, he’s practically still a baby. If you think of a high energy 3 year old as a baby. (I’m sure I could still fit him in a Bjorn.)

I decided since it was an outdoor party with bounce houses and a playground, it would be okay to bring Cash and it totally was.

He really liked the bounce houses.

He really liked the playground.

And he really liked the cake.

The problem – no one had served cake yet.

Apparently in the 2.3 seconds I wasn’t vigilantly watching his every move, 3 year old Cash decided to sample their beautiful PJ Masks cake.


Alexander would not be happy. Of course, I went into panic mode and tried to repair it the best I could…


It’s like I minored in cake decorating in college, right?

I immediately confessed the situation to the hostess of the birthday party (who I did not know at all but now she will remember our family forever). She handled it really well.

And you can see how terrible Cash felt about the faux pas as he gleefully jumped onto one of their birthday ponies.


I wish I could say this was a first offense for my 3 year old. But this is some minor frosting damage he did at a party a few months ago.


Apparently this is a kid who really likes cake.

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