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I’m STILL recovering from surgery. I know, this post surgery thing is really glamorous! For the past four weeks, my dad has sent me the same text almost every day. It goes like this…

“You are one day closer to full recovery. xo” Here’s an example…

Dad's Texts

(He wasn’t really in Australia). But see what I mean?

So here is the 4 week evolution of my reaction to this daily text…

  • Aww… that’s so sweet. My dad is awesome.
  • How nice that he keeps checking in. I’m healing papa!
  • A little redundant but the sentiment is so loving.
  • Wow, same text. Is this a senior thing?
  • Okay, he’s messing with me.
  • The emotional distress from receiving the same text every day is hampering the healing process. (I think. I’m not a doctor.)
  • On the upside, he definitely knows how to cut and paste!
  • How do I make him stop?!
  • By saying the same thing to me every day, is he doing an impersonation of my 4 year old son Chase?
  • Please make him stop. I’ll just tell him I’m healed.
  • Okay, I’m changing my number.

In other news, all I wanted for Valentine’s Day was to get the light dimmer in our bathroom to stop humming. Obviously, it’s not world peace but it’s something.

My husband Rick sent the electrician this blog post to motivate him to get to our house and actually install a new dimmer. And like they say, the third dimmer was…

the one that hummed the loudest! (I think that’s the saying.)

Next year, I’m asking for world peace.

Although Rick also sent me gorgeous flowers and left his nail clippings in the sink so I can’t really say the fake holiday was a loss.

Finally, as you may know… I’m co-hosting a Twitter party on Monday night for Luvs Diapers & Wipes! Please join me and you could win some money!! It’s next Monday night, 9 pm EST and we are giving away $500 in gift cards plus diapers. Yahoo!! Thanks Luvs! If you want more info, check out this post here.  #AD

10 Responses to if you haven’t been reading my dad’s texts, here’s what you’re missing.

  • Patrick says:

    It sounds like you have a terrific dad. His texts appear to be simply a variation on “I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living my baby you’ll be.” Sweet.

  • beachmom says:

    Love your dad 🙂 how many more weeks of “vacation” do you have? Could be worse you could be recuperating looking out the window at mounds of snow!! Does this mean you haven’t been able to get out to see 50 shades? We need your review of this…

  • daphne says:

    Hope you are healing! Maybe we should have followed Lanie’s lead and hit Mardi Gras — I’ll bet lifting your shirt would help the recovery effort

  • I love this so much, and part of the reason is because I have an awesomely hilarious dad, too. I don’t want to sound spammy, but I just wrote about him yesterday on my blog, and it’s one of my favorite stories about him–although I say that about all of them. I laugh so hard as I think of the things that he does and says that I’m crying and it’s hard to type. Anyway, great post!!

  • Kelly says:

    What an amazing dad you have 🙂 <3

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    Best Regards,

    Kelly on behalf of New Chapter, Inc.

  • LilaLane says:

    I almost feel foolish for asking this as I’m sure the electrician already checked this…but are you 100% sure it’s not the bulbs that you’re using that are causing the humming? Some bulbs– especially CFLS– just cannot function on a dimmer and make all sorts of horrible noises when you try dimming them. I’m sure that’s probably not it but thought I’d suggest it just in case!

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