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I made it back to Florida! Just 21 hours of driving – spread over 3 days – with 5 kids in the back.

I got to watch my 10 year old steal every conditioner, lotion, coffee filter, tea bag and anything else that wasn’t nailed down in the hotel room. I’m guessing she’s planning to open up some kind of beauty coffee house in the next few months.

My father (who thankfully came along for the ride) entertained me by reading headlines from USA Today.


I sounded super grateful by saying things like, “That’s interesting dad but I read that on the CNN website 24 hours ago.” This did not deter him. The man loves his USA Today.

We tried to make the trip bearable by stopping in cute places like Charlottesville, VA and Charleston, SC.

In Charlottesville, it was wonderful to see my friend Valerie from Tulane. But my children behaved so badly at a restaurant that the waitress came over and said, “Can I get anyone a cocktail?” It wasn’t 5 pm anywhere but she could tell the adults were in need of something.

The next day, as I pulled into Charleston, I said to the kids…

“Look at this beautiful southern town.”


“I see a highway and a carwash,” said one of them.

“Look out your windows. It’s so cute,” I exclaimed.

“I see a palm tree. It looks like Miami,” said another.

“Charleston is mommy’s old stomping grounds. I used to come here and visit my friend Jordana. We were young and free and crazy and ….”

“I’m bored,” said another.

“That’s what’s wrong with your generation. You can’t just sit in a car and enjoy the view,” I said (wondering if I had ever sat and enjoyed the view when I was a kid).

“Hey, I see a garbage can!” said another.

“Look at that church. It’s beautiful,” I said.

“I hate beets,” came another voice from the back.

When we finally got back to Florida – I asked my kids what they thought of the trip. “It was fantastic! We got to stay in hotels and watch TV in the car and eat at McDonald’s everyday!”

Well, at least they liked it.

7 Responses to if you drive somewhere, you probably have to drive back

  • Did you JUST get back to FL? Because I swear I saw you at Market Street Sweets in Charleston, and I was about to say, wait, are you Kelcey, and then I was all, naw, no way is Kelcey here. And I didn’t see a bunch of kids that look just like you.

    Either way, I am so glad you visited.

  • daphne says:

    Congrats on successfully navigating your road trip – I imagine I”m to thank for breaking in that road trip with you so many years ago? Assuming you hit plenty of Waffle Houses and thought of me?

  • beachmom says:

    I love that your Dad persevered with this reading aloud the headlines to you even though you tried to shut him down πŸ™‚ my mom does that – starts a story that I have heard maybe three times from her in the past week…I interject as I really don’t want to hear it again…she pauses….then powers on….I guess its the beauty of getting older…you don’t really give a crap what people think…and if they try to stop you …then you roll right over them πŸ™‚ love that your kiddies have fond summer memories of mc donalds and not the architectural beauty of Charleston – makes the 21 hour driving so much worthwhile πŸ™‚

  • JBartistic says:

    Wow! You are a brave woman.
    We just got back from a 12 hour drive with just one kid (almost 3) and his grandmother and I said never again!

  • Angi says:

    I keep telling DH we should road trip back to New England and he keeps telling me I’m crazy. I’m not letting him read this post.

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