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Ok sit back, put on your super fresh tuxedo, your Nike dunks and your 3D glasses and enjoy a Grammys recap (brought to you by my dad’s commentary throughout the awards show). Oh wait, you don’t have 3D glasses? Me neither. Well, this post might be a little blurry.


“Who’s that?” my dad asks.

“Fergie,” I answer.

“And who’s that?”

“Still Fergie. Different outfit.”


“Who’s that?” my dad asks.

“Pink,” I explain.

“I think she’s the same person as that Lady Gaga. They look the same. They are totally the same person.”

“I promise you, they are different people.”


“Where’s Frank Sinatra?” my dad asks.

“He’s dead,” Rick responds because I’m momentarily out of energy.


“Who’s this Alice Cooper? Is he the one who played the ukulele?” my dad asks.

“No, Tiny Tim played the ukulele,” Rick explains.


“Dad, do you know that is? You must know who that is,” I ask, suddenly re-energized.

“No. Who is it?” my dad says.

“Ryan Seacrest.”

“Oh! He’s from American Idol,” my dad exclaims. My dad has suddenly boarded the pop culture train.

“Seacrest is one of the judges that just got kicked off American Idol. Right?” he continues.

Umm.. no. But at least he got the right show.


“Is that Celine Dion?” my dad asks.

“No. Carrie Underwood,” Rick says.

“But Celine should be flattered,” I add.


“Ok I’m going to bed,” my dad says as he takes one more glance at the screen. “Hey, that’s Sheryl Crow.”

“Nice call dad.  You’re right.”

“She looks great. But I hate her earrings.”

I’m sure she’ll be crushed.


Oh and I think some singers won some awards. But who cares about that. Or if you do, click here. And my dad is still available for the Oscars if you’re interested in watching it with him. But act fast before he’s booked.

mama bird notes:

Lost seriously lost me in season two but if you are one of the obsessed and you are living for Tuesday, then you must read Contributing Mama Daphne Biener’s latest piece. At the very least, you can weigh in on who’s the hottest guy on Lost. Daphne certainly has hers picked out. Click here.

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