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A CBS camera crew from Rick’s station came to our house on Saturday to shoot a story about hurricane preparations that will air in the Miami area later this month.

For the filming, I  wanted to wear a red shirt because it’s a power color and if you’re going to fight a hurricane, you need to intimidate it right out of the gate.

I also once had my colors done at a mall in 1984 and they said I was a “winter” which means that I look good in bright, non-pastel colors. And obviously anything I learned in the eighties still holds true.

Does Jessie still gotta himself a girl? Check.

Are Rubik cubes still impossible? Check.

Do shoulder pads still make you look 3 inches taller and rock an outfit? Check.

Am I still a winter? You know it.

Rick wanted me to wear this shirt instead…

selfie in plaid shirt

He though my red shirt was too fancy for talking about hurricanes.

I don’t know what that means. I just stared at him the way I would if someone told me that Dylan and Kelly weren’t soul mates on 90210.

Anyway, I always heard that when it comes to crazy, powerful weather, the fancier the outfit the better. (I still regret being in sweatpants when 12 feet of water filled our house during hurricane Irene.)

Honestly, I think Rick was just trying to get back at me because I once told him before we went out one night that he was wearing “day” jeans, not “night” jeans and he’s been plotting his revenge ever since.

Anyway… I wore red.

hurricane shoot revisedhurricane shoot revisedhurricane shoot revisedhurricane shoot revised

And I asked for a Barbara Walters’ lense, so I could look more like Rick’s second trophy wife – rather than his first 40-something wife.

During the shoot, we learned a lot of hurricane stuff that put us into a complete panic.

I can’t really remember most of it – but I recall one tip. You should store your insurance documents in your dishwasher because it’s an air tight place where they will be protected from the elements in a major hurricane.

So there you go. Put your documents in the dishwasher.  Just don’t turn it on.

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