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I took my older girls to Memphis this past weekend for my Godson’s baptism.

My in-laws and Rick took care of the twins while we were gone.

The day before we left I noticed that Rick had dressed Harlowe in long sleeves and Chase in short sleeves.

“I’m confused. Why is Harlowe wearing a long sleeve shirt and Chase is wearing a short sleeve shirt?” I asked.

“Because I didn’t know the weather. So I just split the difference,” responded Rick.

I don’t know why – maybe it was early or maybe I was high on Kashi cereal – but that seemed like logical reasoning.

And then later that morning I noticed that he also put Harlowe’s shirt on backwards and her shoes on the wrong feet.  That seemed less logical.

The baptism was really nice (and yes, I went to an Ivy League journalism school to be able to craft a sentence like that). Matej looked angelic in his gown that has been passed down generation after generation.  It’s a cool baby who can rock a long white dress.

Side note here – one faithful reader recently inquired whether I donated an egg to my sister because this person thinks my nephew Matej looks so much like my son Chase.

The answer is no.

Because my sister is significantly younger than me and I guess she has her own eggs and well, no.

Dylan and Summer looked so pretty for the baptism, that I insisted on a photo…

“Summer, you aren’t smiling,” I said.

“Yes, I am,” she insisted.

“No, you really are not. Try a little harder to smile.”

Well, I guess that is trying a little harder.

I also took the girls to this very cool outdoor garden and play area called, My Big Backyard, and then I started hearing this sound. I thought it was some kind of new age outdoor concert and ignored it until I got a call from my sister.

“Do you hear that sound?”

“Yes.” I said.

“It’s a tornado warning.”

“Not an outdoor concert?”


“Good to know.”

I got the kids inside. And waited it out. Nothing really happened. Which is perfect. Because I’m sort of over severe weather.

14 Responses to i went to memphis and came back a godmother!

  • Lotte B says:

    Yes…some days you need help smiling…(and coffee for grown ups)

    Maybe I missed it…but Matej…for me as an European is it a Bosnian/Balkan name – not American…or?

  • Sandrine says:

    The girls are so cute, and so big, I love their dresses, I wish my boys could wear things like that…but no…
    Tornado warning…really, just what you need.
    I had the opposite experience, after editing a tv show on tornadoes I realized that each time I would be home early on Friday nights I would hear the tornado warning sirens and I just thought that the city was really on top of things, testing the sirens just in case…until I finally learned that those sirens were for the arrival of Shabbos…just blasting from Williamsburg…

  • Lanie says:

    Really nice post :-). I did not even go to an Ivy league journalism school for that one. . .

    Love all the smiles (and psuedo smiles) Congratulations to the godmother, Quinn, Eric & Mr. Matej. xoxo

  • Tonya says:

    Love Love Love that Summer has to help herself smile. When my niece was younger you’d ask her to smile and she’d give you her best pirate impression, one eye closed and her mouth in a grimace. She would swear she was smiling. Cutest school pics ever! Although her mom doesn’t really think so.
    Crazy weather follows you!!

  • Steph says:

    Congrats on becoming a godmother! So now you have 5 children, kinda. Your pictures of the children are ADORABLE. And I’m glad to know that my daughters are not alone in their capacity to . . . well. . . not be able to enjoy the moment.

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