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On Friday night, my sister gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy named Matej….

I knew it was a boy.

I said it was a boy.

And I was about 97% sure. Well, maybe 83% sure.

Because I’m always wrong when it comes to guessing the sex of babies. Especially my babies. And really anyone’s babies.

But this one I got. So what did I win? I have no idea. I’m sure my sister will supply me with some kind of cash prize once she gets out of the hospital.

And to honor this momentous event, I’ve decided to show my brother-in-law’s face on this blog. For the past three and a half years, I’ve been hiding his identity because…

He’s the dark horse of the family due to his tendency to dress like Elvis Presley in his later years.

Or he’s living a double life and also has a family in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Or I read it’s a fun gimmick to increase blog readership by hundreds of thousands of pageviews a day.

So here he is – revealed for the first time – the proud new daddy…

Ok, it’s mostly his ear but whatever.

Congrats Erik and Quinn! xo

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