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I’m back.


And I just want you to know that I wasn’t simply vacationing down in Florida, I was enacting real change down there. Remember when I posted this pool sign…

Well, a mere two days later, it was REMOVED. Yes, gone. Replaced with a sign that made no mention of diarrhea. Which either means the pool board of directors decided it’s totally cool to swim with diarrhea or they realized they were seriously nauseating everyone.

Now I have no proof that my post had anything to do with the immediate sign removal but they don’t call me the Norma Rae of Boca for nothing.

(Side note: They may not actually call me Norma Rae of anything.)

Meanwhile, Rick and I spent our last night of vacation with his cousin Wendi and her husband. We went to Johnnie Brown’s in Delray where we danced, watched some fierce senior PDA (which should not be confused with the senior PGA – totally different sport) and took awesome pictures which you will never see.

Unless you hunt down whoever owns my camera now.  I had it in my back pocket but it must have slipped out when we stood up to leave. I returned about 7 minutes later and did a mad, desperate search but it was gone.

Which means someone now has possession of my Cannon digital camera and all those gorgeous, artistic shots I took of that diarrhea pool sign.  What a windfall for them!

(Wendi was obviously very troubled by my missing camera because as I combed Atlantic Ave, she was chatting it up with this guy below who apparently is straight and sells shots at a gay karaoke bar. Yeah, I’ll let you absorb that for a moment.)

Courtesy of Wendi’s iPhone

And yes, I have photos of this guy from the front too but I’m trying to walk that fine line between humor blog and porn site. And I thought photos of his enhanced package went a bit too far.

Anyway, I’m still hoping some kind of magical karma will bring the camera back to me. There have already been some positive signs form the universe.

1. We broke our Sit and Stroll at security on the way home which now solves our Sit and Stroll oversupply issue (Note: Don’t attempt to push your 7-year-old and 5-year-old in one Sit and Stroll since this in all likelihood will break the wheels.)

2. We saw Jermaine Jackson at JFK airport! Obviously, this kind of brush with a mega celebrity is proof that something very good is coming my way.

I’ll keep you posted on Jermaine’s travel schedule.

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