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My Halloween costume last year was sort of lame. I threw on a tiara and a pink feather boa and pretty much looked like a chick headed to a bachelorette party.


So this year, I knew I could do better. I thought it would be super cute if Rick and I dressed up as Priscilla and Elvis Presley. So I bought this beehive brunette wig, fake eyelashes and a 60s inspired outfit and it’s like I’m the spitting image of Priscilla…

priscilla presley costume

Except that everyone thought I was Amy Winehouse.

It’s really Rick’s fault because he was working most of the evening and not around to play the part of Elvis. And Priscilla needs her Elvis.

priscilla and elvis presley photo

Better, right?

Turns out that none of my neighbors dressed up so I felt a little silly gallivanting around the neighborhood like Amy Winehouse in the sixties. It really made me crave that crazy New York City Halloween energy where even the dogs don’t leave their house without a proper costume.


I also missed trick or treating at shops like Marc Jacobs, Juicy and Olive & Bette’s.

Or maybe I just miss Marc Jacobs, Juicy and Olive & Bette’s.

But the girls loved Halloween in the suburbs. Summer dressed up as a pink haired Sleeping Beauty…

sleeping beauty costume

And Dylan opted for a pink haired cheerleader. Yes, that’s the same outfit she wore 45 days straight last year to preschool. That girl is a real conservationist.

cheerleader costume

Our neighbors offered Dylan and Summer an extra piece of candy if they would shout, “Go Yankees.”

With Rick (the ultimate Phillies fanatic) still at work, my dad told the girls to stay strong for their daddy’s team.

And of course the girls immediately cheered, “Go Yankees!”

It’s hard to compete with candy.

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