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Remember when I was just writing about the horrific hurricane in Houston and my own hurricane woes a number of years ago in New York?

And then all of a sudden I was like – wait, what? Hurricane Irma is a category 5 hurricane barreling towards Florida? Dammit.

Yes, hurricane Irma did arrive with too much force and too much destruction. We did okay here in Fort Lauderdale. We had some damage but nothing completely overwhelming. Our power was out for about a week which gave me a reason to throw out 13 different kinds of mustard and hot sauces (Did they even needed to be refrigerated in the first place?!).

Since Rick was working night and day in Miami at CBS, I took the kids to my sister’s in Memphis during the hurricane. Well, (due to lack of flights) first we had to drive to Orlando so we could get on a plane to Atlanta and then drive to Alabama, spend the night in a hotel and then drive to Memphis. But sort of the same thing.

I was so relieved and grateful to get out of South Florida.

As soon as we arrived, my sister said we should go to her in-laws lake house. Since it had taken me 36 hours to get to Memphis, I wasn’t exactly jazzed up for driving two hours to a lake house. But I had to entertain these children somehow – so we went.

And it was gorgeous. The kids tubed, knee boarded and waterskied. It was the perfect diversion from worrying about their dad and our home in South Florida.

I even waterskied for the first time in a really long time. And apparently I can still do it.

It turned out that we spent my daughter Dylan’s 13th birthday and my wedding anniversary in Memphis too. My sister and I thought we would take her ziplining. Until I called and found out you’re 40 feet in the air. And I’m thinking – that’s about 40 feet farther from the ground than I’d like to be.

But my desire to make Dylan’s birthday super special and my sister’s pleas that it would indeed be “super fun” finally convinced me.

And that’s pretty much how I ended up 40 feet in the trees, ziplining across lakes and actually thinking, “You know what… this is fun.”

Here we are during our “training.” We pretty much all look like we’re the second-rate team that showed up to fix the electrical problem in your garage or something.

And then we got to it.

And it got me thinking (in that Carrie Bradshaw way) that if I could spend 36 hours getting 5 kids from Fort Lauderdale to Memphis, slalom waterski and fly across a lake despite my fear then maybe I could be doing more cool stuff.

Life can be so predictable. I do a thousand things for other people every day. Usually the same one thousand things. So I’m vowing now (and please hold me to this or even join me) to do something different every week.

I’m not going skydiving or learning to basket weave. But something in between.

Does making dinner for my kids count? Wait, no.

I’m going to need some ideas.

Let’s get to it.

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