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We were originally supposed to stay in Florida for 5 days.

But it was so warm and sunny and palm tree-y that I just couldn’t go back. So we said to Rick’s parents, “What do you think about us staying a few extra days?”

And they mentioned something about a weekly bridge game, a fancy fundraising luncheon, volunteer work, dinner reservations with friends at their club and tickets to Air Supply. Which we figured meant, “Sure, we’re free. Stay as long as you like.”

So we extended the trip by five more days.

I’m not going to let Air Supply’s gated community concert schedule run my life.

During our extended visit, all our kids got sick and passed on their colds to Rick’s parents. Just a small way to say thank you. We never stop giving.

The night before we left Boca, Rick and I went to get frozen yogurt. I immediately had to pee and when I came out of the bathroom Rick was talking to a group of people. This is not unusual. Somehow Rick always ends up socializing with strangers and I usually try to resist my urge to crawl out a back window.

I figured these folks must recognize him from Fox News Channel which is very nice. Some faithful viewers!

Turns out they just recognized him from Zumba class. I guess he’s famous in a lot of different circles.

Somehow they didn’t remember me from class which I really don’t get because I had star power. Sometimes I’m very under appreciated for my dance moves.

After I said a tearful goodbye to the frozen yogurt guy (who I basically visited for nine straight nights. No, it wasn’t a romantic thing), we boarded a flight home. And we arrived in New York City…

To snow on the ground.

More snow in the forecast.

And empty fridge.

A broken washing machine.

And it’s still stupid January.

I was secretly hoping spring had arrived. With a few palm trees in the front yard.

16 Responses to i think i convinced myself that i lived in boca

  • traci says:

    Bloomberg’s spanish should have been reason enough for you to come home. What better ‘welcome home to a state of emergency-again!’ than NY’s mayor speaking in the most comical spanish is reason enough to endure the perpetual snow fall.

  • Lauren O'Donnell says:

    That is so funny he was recognized from Zumba! I laughed out loud when I read that. Good for you for extending your vacation πŸ™‚ Spring will be here before we know it!

  • Aunt Marcia (Guess Whose?) says:

    Cheer Up…when you get to be an old fart and the kids are grown and gone; you can spend all winter in Fla. as I do. However, coming from Calif., my winter is only 2 months long; so I’m flying home Jan. 31..to springtime in Marin County. Or you can rent condo down there now in Fla. and home-school the kids for 4 months and miss your miserable winter altogether. Don’t put your bathing suit away yet…you might be flying back to Fla. soon.

  • Jason says:


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    Keep up the good work.


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