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My husband has been trying to get me to go to Disney World since our first born was 1 month old. But I kept insisting we visit boring old Italy for our big family trips. Well, he finally convinced me to go.

The first day at Disney was pretty good. A little exhausting with all the crowds but definitely fun. Then Rick said, “We aren’t in Magic Kingdom yet. This is just the Disney Marketplace.”

Wait, what?!

The next day I knew we had finally arrived at Magic Kingdom because I immediately saw a grown man wearing a T-shirt that said, “First Time at Disney” and a woman in a wedding veil with mouse ears. You know you are a marketing genius when you get people to fork over money for rodent ears.

Thankfully, Rick’s parents were with us and somehow with 4 adults, we were able to keep track of 5 kids in the throngs of people.

disney kids walking

At 5 pm, after lots of rides and waiting for rides and not exactly picking the right Fast Pass rides, I said to my husband, “So we’ve been here about 7 hours. Are we ready to wrap it up and go home?”

Rick looked at me like I just asked him if he wanted his hair done at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Big Bucks Boutique. Apparently, we still had more rides, an electrical parade and fireworks to attend.

I knew I had to find the margarita ride immediately.

Why haven’t they built a margarita ride?!

Somehow I survived the entire 14 hour day and I even felt a little Disney magic. Apparently I wasn’t the only one…

disney twins sleeping

Day two, we got into a Disney groove…

I nursed on the Jungle Cruise. We napped in the Enchanted Tiki bird room. We snacked during the Captain Jack Sparrow’s Pirate show. We took all the kids to pee. At. The. Same. Time.

Sure, I was the only one who screamed on the Magic Carpets of Aladdin ride…

aladdin ride

And Rick was nauseous and wanted to throw up on the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters ride.

But we kicked family ass on Space Mountain. Okay, only Rick and 7-year-old Summer went on Space Mountain. (Can you explain to me how a girl is TERRIFIED of a teacup poodle but ADORES Space Mountain?!!)

Is a teacup poodle a real dog? If it’s not, Disney will declare it one.

Now we are moving on to Epcot. Which I call Ep-ee-cot. Because I’m fancy. Or an idiot. Or maybe in between.

I heard they might have margaritas.

9 Responses to i survived disney’s magic kingdom

  • karen bland says:

    Funny – we were virgin disney goers as well until last Wednesday when we tried Disneyland. It’s a training camp for Orlando – more low key on the west coast. But the same bibbidi boppedi experience – one day, 14 hours. (Can you believe people wait 2.5 hours to meet Anna and Elsa? We were told, “Elsa may or may not be there”. I asked, “oh, is she ill? Not committed?” – the Disney employee simply smiled and offered me a “first time at disney” button! xoxo

  • Kerri says:

    4 of my 7 kids got to dance down the main street of Disney with other kids from all over the world. It was our first time & it was amazing! My 5 youngest went. We were there with friends from the same dance studio… How many in your group? 23! My dh was a skeptic, but changed his mind! We were there 6 days & arranged to be at whatever parked closed the latest at the end of our day. So out till midnight or later. We went the end if June. My 3 rd dd missed her high-school graduation so she could join us! No regrets! the older kids helped the younger kids, without being asked! I felt sick on the Alladin carpet too! I think it was the erratic driving of an 8 year old (not my kid!). It was over 100 degrees a couple I the days. I didn’t care! My EDS was so much less painful in the heat. Like an all day sauna! We hit a show when the kids were getting too hot. They also got to perform on stage! A wonderful time has by all!

  • JerseyBeachGirl says:

    Head on over to Mexico (when you enter, to the left) in Epcot and get a tasty Mango Margarita…and right next to or right by Africa where you can let the kiddos bang on the drums, entertaining themselves as you enjoy your ‘rita. We have been to Disney twice, and those trips to Mexico saved my sanity.

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