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From age 2 to 5, Summer was very whiny. Which made us think that maybe this was less of a “stage” and more of a “personality.”

But then ever so slowly, she turned more pleasant.

And to remind us how far she’s come, she will once and awhile have flashbacks to her former self. Like when we went apple picking last weekend. It was the kind of country, low key apple picking where they have pony rides, face painting, a bounce house and a rock climbing wall.

Okay, there might not have been a rock climbing wall but I’m sure they are already planning it for next year.

Before we left the macked out orchard, we suggested that Summer use the porta potty because she had drank about 6 gallons of apple cider. But she declined. Which I sort of understood because they are gross but I knew in my heart that this journey was about to go to a dark place.

As we drove home on some country route something, Summer started shrieking, ‘I NEED TO GO TO THE BATHROOM!!!!” Over and over again.

With no bathroom in sight, we offered to pull over and let her use our toddler portable potty. She declined but reaffirmed her commitment to keep shrieking about her problem.

Finally, out of complete exasperation and concern that she was going to pee in her booster seat, we pulled over, set up the toddler potty and demanded she use it. She finally agreed as long as we all shielded our eyes. No problem lady.

She peed and the whole car finally quieted down except for 2-year-old Harlowe who now wanted to use the potty too. We told Harlowe she had a perfectly good pull-up on and it was her toddler duty to utilize it.

Then we drove home.  We let out a sigh of relief. We had seen a glimmer of the old Summer and it wasn’t a happy place.  I still don’t under the big deal. Just this past weekend, Rick and I were headed into the city, hit traffic and my bladder started filling up at immense speeds. So remembering the Summer experience, I climbed into the back and used the portable potty. I never whined. At all.

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