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I used to be a cool downtown New Yorker. Or at least I was a few feet from the edge of hipness. No longer. Oh most definitely not. I’m on 14th street and 9th Avenue yesterday and who do I see? Penn Badgley. Yes, THE PENN BADGLEY. Can you BELIEVE it? Now you’re thinking, well, who the hell is that? Does the character Dan Humphrey mean anything to you? Still nothing? O.k., Penn is one of the adorable stars of “Gossip Girl,” that CW show I’m about 15 years too old to be watching.

Normally, I would see a celebrity and just saunter by like they’re no big thang (other than all that cash, the bling, the fame, the paparazzi, the personal assistants and the chauffeured cars, they are EXACTLY like you and me). But for some inexplicable reason, as I hurried by, I actually tapped Penn Badgley on the arm and said, “I just LOVE your show.” Now, why would I do this? Must I invade the space of some 21 year-old innocent teen heartthrob? Icky. Am I some kind of weird stalker mom? Double icky.

Perhaps I have been so wrapped up lately in “The Hills” MTV special with Lauren Conrad reflecting on her moments of love and heartbreak, that I’ve lost all sense of appropriateness. And you may recall, not very long ago, I felt strangely compelled to chat it up with Saturday Night Live performers Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers when I saw them having a private din din. It’s way obvious. I’ve lost my inner cool. If I ever had it. Crap.

I’m blaming my celebrity meltdown on the holiday pressure. Could we all have more to do this time of year? You’ve barely digested that last bit of turkey on Thanksgiving, when you start to feel the crushing stress of the December countdown. First, I need to buy Hanukkah gifts. Then, x-mas gifts. I need to figure out what to tip that strange hobbit-esque guy Steve who organizes the recyclables in my building’s basement. Then I need to sort out the tips for everyone else I’ve EVER met. I need to find one photo where 3 year-old Dylan is not grimacing to send out as a holiday card. I’m trying to coordinate the plumbers, the pest control guys and the locksmith – all of whom are trying to fix various problems in the apartment. And boy, are they all CHEAP. Fa la la la la, fa la la la.

Meanwhile, my little 1 year-old Summer has been feeling absolutely rotten (like every other kiddo in the city). She has an ear infection, a serious chest cold and a fever. I am trying to nebulize her 4 times a day. Girlfriend ain’t groovin’ with that. Of course, I should have taken her to the pediatrician a day or two sooner. But as usual, the second kid gets cast aside. Oh, it’s just a few sniffles, we thought. The poor lady was endlessly sobbing (desperately trying to communicate her immediate need to see a professional). Sorry hon.

So this is my excuse for almost groping innocent Penn Badgely on the street yesterday. Penn, my apologies. I resolve in the coming new year to try and get my cool back.

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14 Responses to i lost my penn

  • Nona says:

    Well, again, I laughed out loud, even though I have absolutely no idea who you are talking about!!

    Clara, too, is feeling the nebulizing love this week. I hope they all get better soon!

  • Abby says:

    I heart Gossip Girl and I'm your age. My friend David is a 42 year old dad who worships the show, and we have a blast dishing about it every week. Its like the best replacement for my beloved OC. I don't usually see celebs that I want to stop and chat with, but this post reminded me of something. A few years ago Debbie and I were hiking in Runyon Canyon in LA when we came face to face with my ultimate fave-Sandra Bullock. I wanted to scream to her how much I loved her, how she is the celebrity everyone says I remind them of,that Speed is my all-time favorite movie. I was freaking out as we walked up the hill and she walked down, knowing we would pass them again (she was with Ryan Gosling, BTW) when we walked back down. Unfortunately Debbie threatened to end our 25 year friendship if I said anything so I kept my trap shut when we saw them again. I love Deb but I wish I had said something! Speed really is my favorite flick ever!oh well, win some, lose some. How sad there is only one more GG before the strike hits it.

  • Jordana says:

    It's so much easier not to miss something you never had! If anything, being a Mommy has made me cooler – I feel more connected to the rest of womankind out there! Feel better, Summer!

  • Kristen says:

    one more thing… I often feel when I read your blog… someday I will be saying "I knew her when…" I don't like to think about it because I would miss Mama Bird Diaries!

  • Erin says:

    don't you wish you lost your NYC celebrity coolness a couple years ago cuz then you would have said to hi to Daniel (project runway!!!)

  • Francesca says:

    what is it about that show? I watch almost no TV, think that show represents the worst of everything… and yet, I'm glued to it when I come across it on the tube. It's like watching a car wreck. You know it's not good for you, the people in it, or the people around you, but you look anyway. Other TV I am watching during 3am feedings? Discovery channel's "Special Delivery" it's as if THEY know who's watching in the wee hours.

  • Mia Davidson says:

    My friend sent me the link to your website and I am laughing outloud as I read it. I am the mother of 4 (the baby is after my husbands first vasectomy)their ages range from 9 down to 8 months. I will send this site to my friends, thanks.

  • Betsy says:

    Okay, I am back in the US. My furniture and stuff has been delivered and after some technical difficulties finally have cable and a new TV. Now all I need is time to sit down and watch some of these shows that are mentioned. Samantha thought it was important that our house be decorated for Christmas. I finally broke down and put up a tree ignoring the piles of stuff lining the walls of my house. The movers unpacked and took the boxes leaving me with unorganized piles. I mean serving platters packed with tools,etc. We still have to find some of the necessities such as my sugar bowl, my winter jacket, the hardware to put legs back on our office desk and my sanity. Fot now I am looking forward to my DVR and the endless sappy holiday movies.

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