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The good news is… I’m not suffering from postpartum depression.

The bad news is… Everyone around here has been suffering from depression. Because it’s late May and mother nature is all like… let’s make it 52 degrees with wind and rain and see if people think it’s March. That will be hilarious.

But on Monday, the sun actually came out, we went to the beach and it was gorgeous.ย  I ran into someone I knew from high school who immediately recognized me and said, “Hi Monica!” I’m starting to think we weren’t that close in high school.

Then I noticed a stranger staring at my family. I also noticed that she seemed to be doing arithmetic in her head. Then she said, “Do you have 5 kids?!”

And it was less… “Hey, aren’t I good at math!” and more like, “Do you understand how birth control works?” But I ignored her tone and gave a chipper, “Yes!” At which point, she said, “Good luck.” And she sounded like she was wishing me good luck on my Titanic voyage.

After we walked away, I said to my 8-year-old daughter Dylan, “I think we have the perfect number of kids. Don’t you?”

“Yes,” she answered.

The kids are constantly clamoring to hold baby Cash. It’s like they think we are returning this guy in a few weeks.

chase holding cash

Meanwhile, Rick went back to work today after a two week paternity leave. I may be misreading his signals but he seems pretty excited to get back to his job and resume normal human activity like eating lunch sitting down, going to the bathroom alone and having a conversation with someone without taking two kids to the potty, changing another one and breaking up an argument over who does a better cartwheel.

Well, maybe he’s a little bummed to leave us.

Rick off to work

I think you can see the sadness in his body language.

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22 Responses to i like the number 5.

  • I think that, right after this picture was taken, he danced down the walk, clicking his heels in the air, and then he vaulted over the fence. At least, that was what Larry would have done. I was always terrified of that first morning, left alone with what seemed a frightening number of children and a newborn. But it turned out all right. Now I am just terrified of being left in charge of my teenagers.

  • beachgirl says:

    Rude lady…seriously….I ignore those people and zone in on the moms of kids away at college who look longingly at me and my two kids and say “enjoy it while you can as it will be gone in a flash” and I firmly believe that…our kids will live away from us for way longer than they live with us so we should enjoy the ride even if they drive us nuts some / most days. Congrats on being the mom to 5 and still being able to have a sense of humor as your hubbies skips out the door with a large smile on his face…:)

  • Steph says:

    What an unpleasant way for her to speak to a woman with a newborn and four other young children. If I saw your family in person I wouldn’t be able to stop smiling at the cuteness. (even if someone was having a tantrum:) The picture of “big” brother Chase holding Cash is so adorable and sweet it is making me swoon. and there could be a cartoon balloon over Rick’s head saying “see ya”

  • Penny says:

    Well, I am guilty of saying to someone once “you have THIRTEEN children?” To which they replied “Oh, but we have 2 sets of twins!” which seemed to me harder, not easier.
    So 5 seems like the perfect amount ๐Ÿ˜‰ and if I saw your family I would be the overly friendly grandma offering to help you spread out your stuff on the beach (and wishing I could hold your gorgeous baby.)

    Have fun on your first day solo! I have no doubt that you’ll do great and be pretty exhausted by the end of the day.

  • Whahahahaha.
    Hope he didn’t trip down those stairs in his noble pursuit of bringing home the bacon.
    5 is a lovely number… in fact, my only 4 year-old will be 5 very soon! See! We’re practically same person in different continents.

  • Leigh Ann says:

    5 is perfect, and that lady is bonkers and rude. I’ll never forget the time that a lady stopped me and gave me the “better you than me” schtick concerning “just” my twins. And the time my friend laughed when she found out I was pregnant again because “You already have 2 so I assumed you were done.” And all the people who asked me if I was crazy “going for it again.” People are dumb.

  • Megan says:

    I always wanted 5 or 6 kids, but am blessed with my 2! Some people just love babies and big families and some don’t. We’re all different. I’d love to visit and even babysit if you need to get out on your own sometime this summer when things slow down around here.

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