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This is a big day! No, I’m not sending any of my kids off to college (although if you know any colleges that start at age 11, please message me directly).

I am in a new anthology. That is out today!! It’s called, I Just Want to Be Perfect, and it was put together by New York Times best selling author and blogger extraordinaire Jen Mann.

I, along with 36 other very funny ladies, write about the cult of perfection.

Whether it’s the hot new diet that involves only eating what you can forage from the floor of your minivan, trying to find a flattering swimsuit under the harmful rays of department store fluorescent lighting or Botox that has gone terribly wrong, we’ve all tried something to be more perfect.

And sometimes we fail–spectacularly. These are those stories.

You will laugh. You will wince. You will feel so much better about your own life.

I Just Want to Be Perfect is available on Amazon in paperback for $11.99 and e-book retailers for $5.99.



You can also find it on my Amazon author page. (I know! I have an Amazon author page. And you thought free shipping was the best thing to happen on Amazon.)

After you read this kick ass, super humiliating book (for us, not you), please give us an Amazon review.

Thank you! xo


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