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If you read my blog, you know that my dad can be a little quirky.

Like his mobile closet.

And I recently tried to take a picture of him with my twins and I asked him to smile about 8 times. This is what he finally came up with….

Dad not smiling

After I showed him the photo, he said, “The twins aren’t smiling either.”

I mentioned that they are toddlers.

And over the weekend, I asked him to pick up flowers for 6-year-old Summer’s ballet recital (which might be one of the highlights of my life it was so cute) and he was nice enough to pick up the flowers.  Except this is what he bought…

flowers green

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Summer! We loved your recital!!

Of course, the poor man is colorblind and I gave him no direction so maybe that had something to do with it.

And in case you think my dad never gets even with me for sharing these things, let me tell you this tidbit.

Because I am an incredible loving daughter, I recently drove him to a medical appointment so he could get a steroid shot in his leg. When I picked him up, he said, “They told me I might have to get an epidural but I am so glad I didn’t because that would totally have FREAKED me out.”

“Oh really? Why would an epidural bother you so much?” I said.

“I don’t know. The whole idea of it just seems very freaky.”

“I see. You mean, like if you had to get one if you were having a baby for example?” I responded.

“Uh. Yeah. Like that,” he said, glancing at my 38 week pregnant belly.

Speaking of 38 weeks, this was me on my last big night out…

Kelcey 38 weeks pregnant

I think when your boobs appear to be resting on your belly, it’s about time to have a baby!

mama bird notes:

I did some eves dropping on teenagers and found out some very interesting things. Read my piece on Alpha Mom.

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