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kourtney kardashian

You know when you see a headline and you think, “I really don’t want to read about that” but then you click on it anyway because you apparently need to torture yourself a little bit?

Well, that’s what happened when I saw the headline, “Kourtney Kardashian Eats Her Own ‘Yummy’ Placenta.”

Panicked about a life where I don’t fully understand Kourtney Kardashian and her relationship with her placenta, I saw no choice but to click. And she is indeed the latest celebrity to be on the placenta eating bandwagon post pregnancy. January Jones is on board too!

Apparently eating your placenta can have all kinds of health benefits like regaining energy, increasing milk production and even combating postpartum depression.

But you have to eat your placenta!

Now thankfully, you don’t have to marinate it and throw it on the grill. Someone qualified (a Placentarian or something) can crush it up and make it into pills so it’s way less gross.

Here are Kourtney’s placenta pills. Thank goodness Instagram exists or else we would never have access to these kinds of photos…


But some celebs like “Girls” actress Gaby Hoffmann prefer to go the smoothie route…

She told one magazine, “I made smoothies out of it for three weeks. I had a home birth, so my midwife and my doula took it and cut it up into 20 pieces and froze it, and every day, I put it in a blender with strawberries and blueberries and guava juice and a banana, and I drank that sh*t up.”

Does that sound one step away from cannibalism?

I’ll support anything that helps new moms and the reality is some suffer from debilitating postpartum depression. So if this works for them, then hot damn, eat it up!

You can even find cookbooks on how to prepare it. I don’t know about slow cooker recipes.

Other moms have said that consuming their placenta had a negative effect on them like severe mood swings.

I can report that in my 4 pregnancies, it had no effect on me because I never did it. Look, I have enough problems eating chicken. The placenta was never for me.

4 Responses to it’s now trendy to eat your placenta!

  • BestOfSeven says:

    Hmm, maybe not the best post to follow immediately after “Finally, Someone Delivers Gourmet Food To My Door!”

  • Honest Mum says:

    Wow am I normal in the fact I was enquiring, is that plate clean rather than taking notice of the placenta pills in the instagram pics? Didn’t think so!

    I’m all for anything that helps women prevent or assist with post natal depression but not sure I could do it myself. The horse pill size of the tablets worries me and my small throat post chronic tonsillitis in my late teens.

    Maybe I’d have to go down the smoothie route. Or maybe not.

    Laughing out loud at, ‘Panicked about a life where I don’t fully understand Kourtney Kardashian and her relationship with her placenta, I saw no choice but to click.’ Genius, as always!

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