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A while back, I wrote about my father-in-law (known as “Zaydie” to my children) and many of you made it clear that you thought he was uh.. well.. let me remind you.

“Zaydie is hot!” (Portia)

“Zaydie is cute!  Single?  :-) ” (Becky)

“And Zaydie…not only is he a brave chaperone, but a quite handsome one too.” (Auds at Barking Mad)

“Handsome Zadie” (Chris)

Well, Zaydie has made a life change. As he put it, he decided to come out of the closet. No, not that closet. I think we need some photos to explain.

Here is Zaydie before his life altering change….

And here is Zaydie after….

That’s right. After many many years, my father-in-law has decided to stop wearing his toupee.  I guess he felt it was time.  He was tired of having to maintain it.

I don’t know what you do with a toupee once you’ve retired it. Maybe you keep it a drawer for sentimental value. Or maybe you sell it on Craig’s List. Or maybe you use it as a center piece for large dinner parties. Although I didn’t see it at my husband’s family’s passover seder.

Well, wherever the toupee is now resting, I think Zaydie looks pretty damn good.

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