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The shooting of reporter Alison Parker and photographer Adam Ward is horrifying.

As a former TV reporter, I can remember being an Alison Parker.  She had everything in front of her. And now what does she have? A funeral.  I look at the smiles of Parker and Ward and think about their parents, their friends and everyone who loved them.


And the whole thing is evil and senseless.

I don’t understand when we as a nation will say… enough.

The statistics are staggering. More Americans reportedly die in gun homicides and suicides every six months than have died in the last 25 years in every terrorist attack and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq combined.

Yet, we still have no universal background checks to help keep guns out of dangerous hands.

In fact, we apparently have more regulations for toys, mutual funds, swimming pools and ladders.

Guns are involved in the deaths of 33,000 people annually.

Ladders? 300.

The President of the United States recently said, “No other civilized nation on earth except the U.S. accepts this kind of gun violence.”

He want on to say that he doesn’t think Congress will do anything until the American public feels an urgency to say something. Until they say to themselves, “This is not normal. This is something we can change and we are going to change.”

So we can bury our heads and hope the next shooting won’t be near where we live or where our kids go to school or where we happen to be that day. Or we can actually stand up and say, enough.

Enough violence.

Enough shootings.

We can not end gun violence but we can seriously make a dent in the thousands who lose their lives every year with sensible gun solutions.

If we all did one thing, it would make a difference. One donation. One call. One signature.

Because we Americans are better than this.


The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Americans for Responsible Solutions

Everytown for Gun Safety

11 Responses to I don’t understand when enough is enough

  • alex says:

    love this post, kelce. i feel like we live in the wild west days. everyone has a gun. anyone can get shot. if i think about it too much, i’ll never leave my house. we absolutely need better controls.

  • Kristen says:

    I have no idea when it will be enough. It was enough a LONG time ago for me and it still continues.

    Movie theaters are now doing bag checks, but security was waving through EVERYONE at a festival this weekend, (all ages – so there were a lot of children in attendance), because the lines were too long.

    I don’t understand a lot of things going on in our country these days so I tend to keep my mouth shut but I think that’s exactly why nothing changes.

  • colt13 says:

    I wish I had something more profound to say, but dude was clearly mentally ill. The more bizarre aspect of this was the live tweeting and facebook posting showing more than we ever wanted to see.

    Enough is enough.

  • Susan Kintner says:

    Excellent post. Enough is enough and thanks for the referrals. I will pursue existing initiatives. love you, mom

  • bitsy says:

    Enough was enough a long damn time ago. I truly do not understand what keeps us from changing this. And I think we can.

  • Sarka says:

    Nothing will change, you have a really strong gun lobby over there in the US. Other countries think that and look down on you because of this. Sorry, it’s rude to say it this way, but it’s true.

  • Elizabeth says:

    I can think of another inanimate object involved in ~33,000 deaths/year: cars. And yet essentially anyone can go buy/drive one as long as they are able to demonstrate they can park it a few different ways and not turn in to the wrong lane of a one-way. When will America be outraged about this? When will driving a car be further regulated?

  • Mary Clare says:

    Yes, the tragedies are so sad and I worry about the next one happening in my community. There are better ways to approach gun violence than we currently do. Elizabeth, we have made significant progress in reducing deaths from car accidents with seat belt laws and drunk driving legislation – laws that I am so thankful for. Let’s keep our country safer and work harder to prevent more senseless deaths from guns. There’s a place in our society for safe gun use AND for smarter regulations.

  • jill sherman says:

    Great post and thanks for the resources! Very Helpful! You have a perfect platform so hopefully people will look further into your resources!

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