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Visit to the aquarium. Check.

Trip to see old dinosaur bones. Done.

Showed girls Olympic pairs skating. They were delighted. Showed girls Olympic curling competition. We were all confused. Check.

Wore tiaras and made finger puppets. Yup.

Gymnastics at the Y. Done.

Visit to the library. Check.

Trip to see Ellen Watermelon perform. Check.

Summer refused to ever take off her coat at Ellen Watermelon. Double check.

Outing to the grocery store. Went again. Maybe one more time. Went out for pizza. Visit to the local toy store. Got smoothies. Had play dates. Ate ice cream. Read books. Naked flashlight dancing after dinner (just girls, not Rick and me). Painted pictures. Ate snacks. Ate more snacks. Puzzled as to why no one is hungry at dinner time. Played Candyland. Told Dylan for the 157th time to stop cheating at Candyland. Picked up toys. Picked up toys again. And yet again.

Check. Check. Check.

Condition of mother at the end of the week?

Days until the next “vacation?”


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