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My sister Quinn and my aunt Terrell think I have some of kind of ice cream hoarder problem. It has something to do with my freezer…

Is it not normal to stockpile EIGHT tubs of Edy’s low fat ice cream?

In my defense, our local grocery store, D’Agostino, will carry a fabulous Edy’s flavor like Peanut Butter Cup or Fudge Tracks, and then suddenly these flavors will completely vanish for a month or so. Do we have some kind of ice cream shortage in this country? Are peanut butter cups a limited resource?

Whatever the reason, I am left standing at the grocery store, getting freezer windburn as I pathetically stare at the rows of Vanilla Bean and Strawberry, cursing myself for not stockpiling more of my favorite flavors.

So hence my tendency to hoard.

Instead of poking fun, my sister should be truly grateful that I allow her to sample my dairy delights. Dairy delights? Doesn’t that sound kind of inappropriate? My point is… my sister should be thankful because look at her abundant happiness as she enjoys a three ice cream combo of Peanut Butter Cup, Fudge Tracks and Chocolate Chip.

And I won’t willingly share my ice cream with just anyone. You have to earn it. And Quinn really did. She spent hours this past week, playing endlessly with the fierce and feisty duo of Dylan and Summer.

And what better reward than the three ‘scream flavor subway remix combo?

Quinn even sweetly remarked to me, “I respect your ice cream commitment, you crazy ass loon.”

Yes, that’s sisterly love for you.

mama bird notes
When not obsessing about ice cream, I spend energy trying to find the right sunscreen for my family (no parabens please). Click here to read my current fave in “drooling over this.”

31 Responses to i don’t have a problem. do you have a problem?

  • Tully's Mama says:

    I like the bottle of vodka poking out from the ice tray. I hope D'Agostinos doesn't run out of that. You're probably like us, though, and that bottle has been around since some dinner party you hosted back in 2007. It's always good to have handy, just in case…You're killing me right now with the ice cream. Those are some of my favor-flaves.

  • calikim says:

    HOLY CRAP that's a lot of ice cream. You need to join ICOEA (Ice Cream Over eaters anonymous). Here it is called Dryer's Ice Cream, but its the same thing…and you won't find 1 carton in my freezer. However, since the vodka was pointed out, I have a case of flavored Skyy in my car trunk. Sale at Bevmo!!

  • Portia says:

    I lived in AZ for a little over a year in 2002 and was so shocked when I couldn't find Edy's ice cream. I was like whee's my Edy's!! So I started buying Dryer's and realized that it was the same thing. The Edy's/ Dryer's thing is determined by what side of the Mississippi you are on….according to the website. 🙂 I also lived on the UES for a stint and let me tell you that you should hop on over to NJ to buy your groceries….what a difference in price! You'll need a eep freezer by the time you're done!

  • kristen says:

    I totally get the ice cream hording…it was my BIGGEST pet peeve when we lived in the city, the inconsistent grocery items. I would hord food because I knew that my favorite things wouldn't be there the next time I went shopping.

  • Babs says:

    I too am an Edy's low fat slow churned fan and it drives me CRAZY that Rite Aid never has the mint chocolate chip (much less the flavors you mention). It's always "French Silk" and "Neapolitan" – yuck. I've even complained to the manager who shrugs and says, "The driver delivers what's on truck." I may just have to write a letter (or at least tape a note to the freezer case).

  • Jodi says:

    Try Edy's "Take the Cake"….yellow cake flavored light ice cream with frosting swirl and multicolored sprinkles…..its delicious (and only 4 g of fat)

  • Becky says:

    I have a very inappropriate crush on Edy's Slow Churned Chocolate ice cream.

    So I understand your hoarding. I just wish I had more room in my freezer!

  • wa says:

    Well, at least if your A/C ever stops working, you and your family can just sit in the tub with your stockpile of ice cream.

  • Allison T. says:

    I, too, respect your commitment to ice cream and wonder how you stay so thin with all that i.c. in your freezer. Oh yeah- Wii.

    Anyhow, have you tried Turkey Hill? Their Party Cake is the bomb: it has ribbons of frosting in it. Amazing.

  • Memarie Lane says:

    Personally I like my ice cream to be as complicated as possible, and I'm very picky about brands. I will only eat Breyers, Haagen Dazs, or Ben & Jerry's. There's one other brand they had in FL that they don't have here, can't remember the name, but they have flavors like Wedding Cake? You probably know what I'm talking about.

    Currently I'm enjoying a carton of Breyer's Waffle Cone overload. OMG. Chocolate covered pieces of waffle cone with caramel swirls.

  • Robin says:

    I know how you stay so thin with all that ice cream in your freezer… it's in your freezer, not your belly! Yum.

    We just got Wii Fit – it's awesome. Hi Quinn – so good to see you!

  • izzy's mama says:

    You have much in common with my 99 year old grandfather, who until he stopped doing his own grocery shopping last year, would stockpile boxes of breyers ice cream, and other frozen goods. And here I was thinking it was an old person's thing!

    As for me, I rarely keep any ice cream in the house, if I did I would be fat as a house. Only when pregnant could I eat a pint a day.

  • michele says:

    Wow finally a blog I can really relate to. Having the right ice cream is essential. It took me years to figure out, but at 60+ yrs. I got it.

  • mp says:

    I wish I had room for that much ice scream, but I can't cause mine is filled with crap like veggies, meat and pizza.

  • Robyn says:

    Wow! I didn't think ANYONE liked ice cream as much as I did. And my sister is pretty much the only person I would be willing to share it with too…!

  • Quinn says:

    To my sister's credit, she even adds toppings. Please note the sprinkles and chocolate sauce. Next time, we promise to share with Aunt Terrell.

  • Cathy says:

    I can't hoard ice cream b/c if it's in the freezer, I'll eat it. My friend can leave ice cream in the freezer for YEARS–that's crazy.

  • JoLynn says:

    Who chooses who get's the gift's? Iam starting to bum out here………so many try's and never a winner…..so sad!!! Guess I'll have to go buy ice cream, maybe that will get a foot in the door!!

  • I'll eat any ice cream that has ingredients I can recognize, so I guess flavors changing isn't a problem for me.

    Have you ever tried California Baby products?? they are hands down my favorite for 5 years now, even target carries some of their line.

  • Madmad says:

    I particularly enjoyed the juxtaposition of all that ice cream with the Lean Cuisine and the bottle of vodka. You definitely know how to stock a freezer, hon.

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