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I hate the start of football season.

Simply because it means summer is on its way out and that makes me super cranky.

But this year, I can’t linger in self pity because I must discuss Plaxico Burress.

Turns out “Plaxico” is not a new kind of extra durable Tupperware. But rather he’s the former New York Giants wide receiver who accidentally shot himself in the leg at a Manhattan nightclub.

While carrying his unregistered, loaded gun in his sweatpants.

And they weren’t even Juicy. Or Victoria Secret. That would have made the story totally awesome.

Anyway, he just plead guilty and will serve 2 years in prison. He had faced 3 1/2 years.

Forget the weapon charge, a part of me thinks he should serve some time just for wearing sweatpants to a nightclub. I’m sure Tim Gunn is horribly haunted by this egregious style choice.

But another part of me thinks it’s a bit harsh. Two years for illegally carrying a weapon and shooting himself?! I know. I know. Someone could have gotten killed. It’s reckless. It’s irresponsible. It’s against the law. But repeat DWI offenders serve less time and I’m a lot more scared of them than Plaxico and whatever he has shoved in his elastic waistband.

In other news, lets talk about health care. Oh God, I know it’s important. But I just can’t. My mind just went numb from boredom.

I think everyone has a right to health insurance and quality medical care in this country. So politicians work it out. That’s why we pay you and provide you with great health care coverage. Do the same for the rest of America. Ok? I’m done.

So let’s talk about the First Lady’s shorts!

Michele Obama wears shorts

Apparently, she’s the first First Lady to wear shorts on Air Force One. Which is kind of like being the first woman on the U.S. Supreme Court or the first woman to fly across the Atlantic but just much more comfortable.

I think Michelle looks cute and fun. Some think it was completely inappropriate.

I think those people probably look really lousy in shorts.

44 Responses to i can’t believe i’m blogging about football and michelle’s shorts

  • Shana says:

    Michelle looks great. LOVE IT. Love that she does her thang, regardless.

    I with you on the health care. Yes, access to care for everyone. Make it happen, people, but please, spare me the details.

  • Amy says:

    I love the fact that she just keeps on being the person she always was.

    Far easier to admire a woman who is human than someone much older always dressed in dowdy outfits and pearls this Canadian says..

  • Mwa says:

    I love Michelle Obama and she looks amazing in these shorts. You are absolutely right. People who object to that must have thighs like mine.

  • KidSafe Mama says:

    I am in such agreement with you
    regarding the health care debate as well as Michelle and her shorts. If only the media could find some more important places to put their energy.

  • LittleJ says:

    A gun in a nightclub in NYC? Isn’t that to be somewhat expected? But, seriously. I completely agree with you about the strange application of the law in the U.S. I am WAY more afraid of the lunatics on the road drinking and driving. I swear there was a story recently about a guy who had been arrested 35+ times for DWI and finally killed someone…. Come ON. The problem is that D&D is somewhat socially acceptable…. I say a danger in the pants is better than danger on the road.

    And, don’t get me started about the level of discourse in this country. I mean, if she was dressing like Lady Ga Ga then it might be a worthwhile conversation….

  • OHmommy says:

    I personally hate mom shorts. On me, on her, and even on her over there in the corner. I know she was going for comfort. I’ve seen way too many moms at soccer butcher the look of the shorts. Tiny little trouser shorts on a runway model look cute though. But Mommy-esque shorts are ewwwwww…. a little bit fugly in my eyes.

  • Robyn says:

    Hubby and I were JUST talking about Plaxico this morning — how it doesn’t seem fair that Vick killed all those dogs (for fun) and he’s back playing football for millions of dollars.

    Anywho…I think Michelle looks cute too!

  • I’m so utterly tired of reading/hearing about Michelle’s shorts. For Heaven’s sake, it’s SUMMER time…she has kids, she’s a mom and oh, did I mention that it’s SUMMER time?

    People are supposed to be comfortable when flying and wear less-restrictive clothing. God forbid the First Lady should get an air-travel related embolism due to wearing something that everyone else thinks is more appropriate on what is after all, an airplane – regardless of it’s official designation.

    Oh and don’t even get me started on the health care debate…especially not when Schumer is threatening to pass it with the “reconciliation” option which isn’t supposed to be used for anything like this. It’s to pass budget items, not a trillion dollar health care plan in the midst of a recession! Like I said, don’t even get me started!

  • sandrine says:

    Yes to health care for everyone and women’s rights-Michelle wearing shorts is actually refreshing and if I had her legs I would too…

  • Quinn Carlson says:

    Poor Plaxico. Someone should have told him sweatpants in a nightclub are never a good idea. As for the First Lady, if I had legs like that, I’d wear shorts too.

  • Daphne says:

    I believe Plaxico was named after a super cool plastic company. I only wish that everyone who carried illegal guns shot themselves in the crotch. Problem solved.

  • Madge says:

    i say you gots the legs, wear the shorts. come on people! there are way more important things for us to be discussing then michelle’s shorts.

    part of me thinks plaxico is getting punished for being plaxico. and the sweatpants? dude. come ON.

  • Gretchen says:

    I’m so glad you said this about healthcare. I’m usually pretty involved and opinionated politically, but something about this whole business just makes me want to hibernate until they all get their heads out of their butts and MAKE IT WORK (you put Tim Gunn in my head).

    And Michelle’s always fab. And always appropriate, one of those rare few with innate good taste.k

  • misty says:

    i love that there are even groups of people commenting on how inappropriate it is for Michelle to wear shorts.
    Get a life, people…
    oh, and i LOVED your perspective on health care. EXACTLY.
    And furthermore, although sweats in a club seems ridiculous, a gun in sweatpants seems more so.

  • Rebecca S. says:

    I always like to go by the rule: WWJD (what would Jackie do)? Jackie would not wear shorts on Air Force One. Maybe a skort. And thanks for the Plaxico info, I didn’t get the inside joke on last night’s Entourage that I just finished watching and now I do. And apparently sweatpants are club attire. Aren’t the Low Low Low lyrics: “those baggy sweatpants and the Reeboks with the straps”?

  • myhouseof6 says:

    we all know im not an obama fan, but michelle looks cute, fun and pretty fit in those shorts – doesn’t the media have better things to holler about than what is worn on af1?
    and i must agree, putting plaxico away for that long is too harsh, esp. went stallworth killed an innocent person while driving totally wasted and he got out in a day!!!

  • myhouseof6 says:

    we all know im not an obama fan, but michelle looks cute, fun and pretty fit in those shorts – doesn’t the media have better things to holler about than what is worn on af1?
    and i must agree, putting plaxico away for that long is too harsh, esp. when stallworth killed an innocent person while driving totally wasted and he got out in a day!!!

  • ErinB says:

    this has nothing to do with your post…but did you see PR had an allstar episode last week and our boy Daniel won? Still as cute as ever…Santigo- still as annoying. And I dont understand the shorts issue. Did she take them off and flash people? ohhh she just wore them on a plane ride in the dead of summer…oh yes I see the uproar now. WTF?

  • Aunt Marcia (Guess Whose?) says:

    I have photos of First Lady Jackie Kennedy wearing NOTHING. She was not the First Lady at the time, but married to Onassis and was sunbathing on some secluded* island in Greece. *Not so secluded that the Papparazzi couldn’t take photos. Her expensive ass has a crack in it just like ours.

  • Becky says:

    If I were Michelle I would start wearing the most over the top evening gowns just to walk the dog. I can’t believe they are giving her grief over her shorts!!!!!

  • All I have to say is thank goodness she’s not wearing designer gown while the country’s in turmoil. And thank goodness she’s sure enough of herself to be such a good role model for those girls. I bet she’s awfully fun to have a drink with!

  • MommyTime says:

    If it’s inappropriate for Michelle to wear shorts on her own plane, does that mean it’s also inappropriate for me to change into my jammies at 6pm in my own house? People need to get over themselves. Judging by the shorts-wearing daughter by her side, she wasn’t disembarking from Air Force One straight into some diplomatic visit but rather on a family vacation. Frankly, I hope she ate some peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon on the way there if she wanted to.

  • Inna says:

    The only reason I don’t wear shorts on a plane is because I would freeze to death. But seeing as she’s the owner of that plane, I’m assuming she has full control over the thermostat.

  • Krista says:

    Okay so I’m not a huge fan of football but I follow it– and I have to agree with you on the whole Plaxico thing. Really?! 2 years in prison for shooting himself? Yes, he had an illegal weapon, I understand that.

    Now let’s contrast that with Donte Stallworth’s case… he’s an NFL player with the Cleveland Browns and he was found guilty of manslaughter because he KILLED A MAN while driving drunk. Do you want to know his sentence? It’s laughable… ridiculous… insulting. He got a whopping 30 DAYS in jail followed by 2 years of house arrest– but don’t worry because he can still play football during that time.

    The NFL did suspend him for this entire season but I’m still in shock that a man who shot himself is punished my severely than a man who killed someone else and put the lives of many others in danger.

    What is wrong with our system? I just don’t get it. Sorry for the rant but I’m still trying to make sense of this whole thing. Personally, it’s quite disgusting.

  • Elisa says:

    It would be inappropriate if she was going to a press conference. If she’s traveling, the comfier the better. As long as she’s not wearing sweatpants.

  • Crystal says:

    Seriously? There’s NOTHING better going on in this country than to talk about the First Lady wearing SHORTS?!?!?! Does it say in the Consitution that the first lady HAS to be decked out all the time? SOME people need to GET A LIFE!!!

    We follow football…college…Georgia Bulldogs…I think Mark Richt is HAWT!!!

  • Oz says:

    Michelle has nice legs. She probably looks much better in shorts than Barbara Bush (the grandmother, not the twin. The twin probably looks great in shorts.).

  • Valerie says:

    Michelle rocked the shorts and she was headed to the GRAND CANYON, and I hear it is a bit warm there. Kelcey, I love football like you love Project Runway, and think Plaxico is an idiot for doing such a stupid thing when he was at the top of his game.

  • Meredith says:

    I feel so much better! I was feeling terribly guilty that the whole health care debate, while of absolute importance, bores me to TEARS. It makes my teeth itch just to think about it.

    And rock in, Michelle. Work those shorts. I love her.

    Just found your blog and am really enjoying it.

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