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Yesterday I was at a bagel place with my twins, mostly trying to keep nearly 2-year-old Chase from guzzling my cappuccino. Despite my best efforts to keep him at bay, he somehow exhibited super hero strength and kept getting a hold of the coffee. I don’t know how he did it.

I’ve noticed this same crazy baby body builder strength when I’m trying to change their diapers or put them in their car seats against their will.  If only we could harness that energy and power windmills or something.

So while Chase got acquainted with my coffee, I glanced down at the floor and saw a wallet. With $700 inside.

700 dollars!

I had about $11 in my own wallet.

I tweeted about my amazing find and someone tweeted back, “I hope you are going to return it.”

Of course I was going to return it. If not, I would have simply tweeted, “Check out my new Marc Jacobs handbag! Isn’t it gorgeous?!”

But instead, like a good citizen, I brought it to the police station.

Of course, I had two of my kids with me and I contemplated whether I could leave them in the car for 5 minutes while I dashed inside to drop off the wallet. But then the newspaper headline popped into my head, “Mother of Four So Dumb That She Leaves Kids in Car at Police Station and Immediately Gets Arrested For Leaving Kids in Car.”

So I took them in with me.

And the guy who had lost the wallet had already been there earlier in the day hoping that someone had turned it in.

The police officer asked if I wanted to leave my name and number so the guy could thank me. And I said no.

Just tell him to pay it forward. Do something nice for someone else.

25 Responses to i bet you never found 700 bucks at your bagel place

  • Kerri says:

    What an amazing lesson for your kids! I have watched my own honesty come through in my children as they have gotten older. We were in a store & an elderly lady dropped her credit card. I had the twins attached to me & the other kids with me too. My son saw it, looked up & saw the 3 teen boys on the bench ready to grab it (the woman did not notice she had dropped it) and he scrambled over to grab it off the concrete floor. They gave him a dirty look & stood up to try to get it from him. The didn’t notice that he was with me (not sure how I could be unnoticed since I had to kids strapped to my body, another plus my other ones gathered around me). I simply and clearly stated in a raised voice, “Don’t even think about it!” My son ran to the woman and said, “Excuse me” a couple of times and finally gently tapped her on the shoulder. He returned the card to her & she was so incredibly grateful. I had managed to waddle over by then & told her that the other boys were going to grab it, but my son beat them to it (he was half their size by weight & height). She was incredibly grateful! There are lots of other examples too (my daughter got out of the van to help an elderly man negotiate over a snow drift with his walker, I was the driver, so it took me a couple of minutes to safely get out to help. A couple of weeks before that I stopped my van, got out & helped an elderly man help his elderly wife get out of the vehicle at a snow drift. I then went to local business until I could find one with a shovel (most of them hired a fellow with his own shovel). I went back to their car & shovelled out the snow drift (from the snow plows) so she could get back into the vehicle! My kids have seen me return money that was dropped. If I don’t know who it belongs to I take it to the customer service. If the owner is not located we ask that the money be given to a charity they currently support. We were standing in line in a department store when I saw $20.00. Another adult spotted it & was going to grab it. I got it first & said I would take it to customer service when I was through the cash. He said it was only $20.00, finders/keepers. I suggested that for the sake of the person who lost it, I am glad I picked it up. Before we got to the cashier a distraught woman came in. I could see she was looking for something. I said, “Are you looking for something, can I help you find it?” She said it was probably gone with it being so close to Christmas and with so few honest people. I asked her again. She said she lost $20.00 and I asked if it was flat or folded & she said folded. One of my kids then said, that is the money you found, & were going to take to the Customer Service mom! I happily returned her money! The other adult scowled at me…oh well! Shortly after we were walking through the mall & she stopped us to introduce us to her husband & children. She said that money was all they had left till Christmas and she hugged me! It was an awesome Christmas gift (the hug!).

    You are awesome Kelcey!!

  • I was about to write that I wish I was the guy who lost his wallet so I could get $700.00 and then quickly realized why that would be a stupid thing to wish and then also realized that I need more coffee. Now.

  • Steph says:

    kudos to you for driving it to the police station with 2 year old twins. you are amazing. in that situation I would have given it to the Starbucks manager. You went above and beyond the call of duty. hope your karma brings you a Marc Jacobs bag!

  • Karin M says:

    I can’t imagine being the person who lost the $700. I’m sure you made his whole week!
    FYI, a couple of years ago, my husband scratched another car by accident in a Home Depot parking lot. He left an apology note on the car and his phone number. When he returned, he found a note back, saying it would probably cost about $100 to fix, but that she would take care of it. And instead of paying her, would he consider sending a check for that amount to a family in need she knew and say just that he heard they could use the money from an anonymous person? He sent the money. 🙂

  • Nancy Walton says:

    Such great stories of wonderful people making serious deposits in the karma bank. Those accounts always do pay interest so I would imagine you’ll have a nice surprise yourself someday, Kelcey. Re: some of the other comments though, I wonder if a drug dealer would go to the trouble of reporting the loss to the police department? Let me think, . . .uh, NO!

  • Shanna says:

    Hoorah! Hoorah hoorah for you!
    Last year my own sweet mom lost my grandmother’s wedding ring. At a park. In the grass. During a major sporting event of the year. Snowing, uphill both ways… no, wait, wrong story. Anyway, the people who found it put a personals ad in the newspaper looking for the owner!
    That wallet-owner has a renewed faith in humanity today because of you. Which is pretty cool.

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