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These are the things that could possibly happen if you decide to throw a DJ dance party for your daughter’s 8th birthday…

1. You will think it will be cheaper than having it at one of those Monkey Javas Chucky Cheesy Kids Ice Skating Bowlarama Joes places but it likely won’t be. Although you’re not completely sure because you’re too scared to add up all the receipts.

2. The morning of the party, you will drag your kids to the grocery store and after you get everyone back in the car and the groceries in the trunk, you will not be able to find your keys anywhere. You will search. You will mutter under your breath. You will rip apart all the grocery bags in desperation. You will finally find the keys in your 4 year old’s carseat…

Chase with keys

You will ask your 4 year old how he didn’t notice the keys under his tush as you were madly searching and he will utter these very wise words… “I don’t know.”

3. The same weekend you are throwing the party, you will also be taking part in a preschool project for your twins in which you have to take photos of all the fun you have with Pete the Cat.

Pete the Cat - Trader Joes

That’s Pete the Cat at the grocery store.

Pete the cat - xmas tree

That’s Pete the Cat shopping for Christmas trees.

4. Although you will notice that Pete the Cat helps with very little party prep.

5. At the very last minute, you will text your neighbor, “DO YOU HAVE BIRTHDAY CANDLES?! I NEED BIRTHDAY CANDLES!!” You will want to ask your husband why he didn’t buy candles when he picked up the cake but then you also remember that you told him to never ever go rogue and always just follow your list.

6. Your dance party is apparently so rockin’ that security will be called twice because of loud music and noise. You will think to yourself, “Hey, I’m still a party animal! I’ve still got it.” And then you will remember that your daughter’s DJ stopped playing at 7:30 pm.

7. You will wonder why you didn’t pay for express shipping when it came to the party favors. Which will arrive the day after the party.

8. It will all seem worth it because your kid was this happy.

Summer 8th birthday 1

summer and Dylan 8th birthday

9. And Pete the Cat loved the party favors.

Pete the Cat Party favor

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