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Usually in a couple, there is one person who is the worrier. If possible, you want to be the non worrier.

Then you can spend your life thinking about whether baby North’s diamond earrings are big enough


and you don’t have to spend your life stressing about the state of the world, whether your children are safe and how often you should reapply sunscreen.

Unfortunately, I am the worrier in the relationship. This is a huge burden. I don’t want to be the worrier. Sometimes I say to my husband, “Why don’t you worry more?” And he says, “Because you have it covered!”

Great. Now I have to worry about everything I normally worry about, plus everything he should be worrying about.

But once in awhile I get a break. Like a few weeks ago when four of my kids discovered this awesome game where they threw laundry over our 2nd floor railing. Then they ran down, retrieved it and did it again.  (Not as great a game as actually doing the laundry but it did keep them busy for quite awhile). I thought the whole thing was funny and sent Rick a photo.

Here are the twins throwing laundry over the ledge…

twins throwing laundry 1

(I had to edit out their adorable nakedness.)

Rick thought this game looked dangerous – envisioning one of the twins toppling over the banister but I really wasn’t worried.

Wait – I just became the non-worrier! This is so freeing! So liberating!! I love this new me. Rick can anxiously concern himself with our children’s safety. I’ll just sit back, enjoy life and know that he’s got it covered.

And I was really enjoying this new role of mine…  until we went to the busy Atlantic City boardwalk with 8 kids (four of ours plus some cousins) at night and I was on full alert trying to keep track of them.

atlantic city

One was lagging behind. One was too far ahead. Wait, how many did we have in the beginning?

Damn, I just became the worrier again.

It was a good run while it lasted.


Thank you to Leigh Ann Torres for including me in her piece on Hilarious Moms Around the Web! Of course, she featured my good friend Wendi Aarons first on the list which is why I’m changing my name to Kelcey Aaakintner.

You can also find me on Lifetime Moms writing about Kanye & Kim’s baby’s newly pierced ears and also check out my piece on Books Girls Love on Alpha Mom.

2 Responses to how to worry less and get your spouse to worry more!

  • Leigh Ann says:

    Ha! Thanks for the link to my article!

    I stress most when we are out in public, but when my kids are on our (non-netted) trampoline and then decide to try taking a swing from the trampoline to the (DIY, probably not-so-safe) trapeze? Meh. They’ll be fine. At least they’ll learn not to do it again if they break an arm or a nose or something.

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