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We used to let our kids play on our desktop computer. They would take funny distorted pictures, shoot videos and look at family photos.

Then one day, my daughter went online and looked up words like pen*s and other words that linked to inappropriate pictures and videos. She saw a lot of messed up stuff and free time on the computer came to a grinding halt. Yes, she is still allowed on the computer for school projects and games but it is highly supervised.

Apparently as a parting gift on our desktop, my daughter changed the resolution. And had no idea how to change it back.

Everything was too big. And given that Rick and I are both over 40, that is saying a lot.

We couldn’t really use the computer because the whole experience was so exasperating. Every few weeks I’d shout out, “I’m calling someone to fix this computer!” and he would say, “okay” and I would do nothing about it.

I was finally in the Ft. Lauderdale Apple store and declared that I wasn’t leaving the genius bar until someone told me how to fix the resolution or made me an appletini. So some Mac man walked me through how to fix it.

I went home with my new knowledge and proceeded to NOT fix the computer. I tried every resolution option available and none of them corrected the problem.

But I wasn’t giving up hope because the Mac man told me I could just bring in the monitor and they would fix it.

“But it’s kind of big,” I said.

“People do it all the time,” he responded.

Because I am one to immediately cave to peer pressure and didn’t want to be one of those people not carrying in their monitors, I decided to do it this week.

And it would have been a successful mission if the monitor wasn’t roughly the same weight as the Statue of Liberty. (Disclosure: I’ve never actually tried to pick up the Statue of Liberty. In fact, I’ve never even visited it. Come on. I only lived in Manhattan for 15 years. Who had the time?)

Bringing the monitor into the store was now not an option.

So I turned to my best friend the Internet. There is no problem in the universe that someone hasn’t already had. So I googled everything I could think of…

“My computer resolution is so big that I can see Russia.” Nothing.

“My Mac display is whack and I can’t get it back.” Nothing.

“My screen photo is so gigantic, it looks like my baby is going to eat me.” Nothing.

Man, the internets can be hard.

I don’t know what I finally googled because I blacked out from thinking so hard but finally it popped up.  Someone else had the same issue and it turned out that their zoom was on.

Was my zoom on? Oh God, please let my zoom be on.


One click and the problem was solved.

I called my husband. “Remember how much you loved me 5 minutes ago? Multiply that by a million. Maybe a billion. I fixed the desktop computer.”

I think he was as happy as he was on our wedding day.



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