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When it comes to potty training, I start with the “do nothing” approach. It’s a great method because it involves no effort from me. The only small downside is that it rarely works.

potty training

I’ve been trying the “do nothing” potty training approach with my 2 1/2 year old son Cash and so far he’s really enjoying still going to the bathroom in his diaper.

I think I overheard him say to another toddler… “A bit bulky, sure. But you just can’t beat the convenience of this thing.”

I was pretty much getting ready to double down on doing absolutely nothing until fate intervened. One night, Cash was standing in the tub when suddenly his brother says, “Cash is peeing in the bathtub!”

I screamed (in a volume usually reserved for an ax murderer or a mosquito entering my house), “STOP PEEING!!!!!”

I grabbed him out of the tub and threw him on the potty. And a few more droplets of pee came out. Into the toilet.

This obviously called for a gigantic celebration. “Cash peed in the potty!!” I yelled as I danced around the house and gave all my children a chocolate rolo. (Why did everyone get one? Because I just couldn’t deal with the – Why does Cash get a rolo for peeing in the toilet when we do it multiple times a day and get nothing?!).

And then something even bigger happened. I know –  what could be bigger than all of this?

Well, while Cash was still sitting on the toilet, he pooped.

More rolos for everyone!!

I’m not sure Cash understood why he was sitting on the toilet or why his mother was throwing candy at him or why everyone was dancing around and applauding.

But he liked it!

Apparently as much as he likes going in his diaper which is what he’s done every moment since the big rolo celebration of February 2016.

But no worries, I’ve been snapped out of my do nothing mentality and gave him a pep talk.

For those ways too lazy to watch a video, here’s the recap…

I give a spirited and passionate speech on the virtues of potty training.

He says “yeah” a bunch of times like he agrees.

He’s clearly on board!

Or you know, maybe totally not.

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