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I thought my husband and his chicken loving family had taught me everything there was to know about chicken (although honestly I still can’t really tell the difference between white and dark meat). But this past weekend, I learned something new….

You can cook chicken in your dishwasher.

My sister-in-law Kimberly has actually heard of this cooking technique and found this website where they talk about using your dishwasher as an oven as if that’s a totally normal thing to do.

I’ll quickly recap the cooking process so you can get that chicken in the dishwasher in time for dinner tonight…

1. Wrap chicken in tinfoil and create a watertight packet. Put on the top rack of dishwasher.  Don’t try to shove it in the silverware section.

2. Load your dirty dishes. But don’t puncture your chicken!

3. Run the dishwasher on the highest setting and once the dry cycle is complete, check to make sure there are no holes in your foil packet.

4. Confirm that the chicken is thoroughly cooked.

5. Place chicken on one of your newly cleaned plates!

6. And this is a direct quote… “Enjoy. Toast goes particularly well with dishwasher chicken.”

I think, “Toast goes particularly well with dishwasher chicken” is going to be my motto. For the rest of my life.

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