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Rick and I want to go to Florida.

But every time, we try to buy tickets, we freeze. The same question lingers. How many seats? Wendi brought this family to my attention. They bought three seats for a family of six (including a 3 year-old, 20-month-old twins and an 8 month-old). What a bargain! Except they got kicked off. Which tends to lengthen a trip.

Technically, we still don’t have to buy seats for the twins.

But I can not imagine 19-month-old Chase staying in my lap for 2 minutes. Never mind two and a half hours. I need straps for him. Tight straps.

We finally decide to buy Chase a seat and have his twin Harlowe sit sweetly in one of our laps.  That means we need a Sit and Stroll for Chase. I love these things! They are a car seat that turns into a stroller that turns back into a car seat for the flight. Clever, non-fatigued people must have come up with that.

But our two Sit and Strolls were washed away with Hurricane Irene. I am about to buy one and then instead, I send out a quick email to my list of local moms.

And within a few hours, I have three Sit and Strolls I can borrow and two more that I can have for keeps. I pick up the two that are mine forever and give myself big props for not spending money and helping to clean out someone else’s garage.

Then I attempt to pack. Which gives me heart palpitations because I don’t even know where the warm weather clothes are and whether I have anything to fit the kids.

But I soldier upstairs to the attic and right there between the 4 year girls clothing bin and Rick’s Cherry Hill Dancing with the Stars trophy is a Sit and Stroll. Apparently, it didn’t get washed away because it was in the attic and well, we didn’t get 37 feet of water.

So I now have THREE Sit and Strolls. In my house. Right now.

And three others I can easily borrow.

I’m thinking that six of them will be enough for the trip. Or perhaps I can open a small Sit and Stroll boutique.

I finally start getting the kids’ clothes organized…

Oh my gosh… that seriously looks like a lot of clothes. So I take some out, put the rest in a suitcase and then slowly start adding back all the ones I previously took out.

Obviously, I’m working on a book called, “How To Make Packing More Time Consuming and Less Effective.” I’m hoping for an April release date.

But then because packing is totally boring, Chase decides to nosedive into the wood floors right before bedtime.

So off we go to the hospital where they fix him right up…

You know if Chase was my first kid, this entire post would be about the trip to the hospital instead of my Sit and Stroll oversupply issue.

Florida update:

We have arrived.

Chase spent about 15 minutes screaming in his Sit and Stroll and the rest of the flight walking around, greeting passengers, giving out high fives, petting small dogs and flirting with flight attendants. I can’t be sure but I have a hunch he’s running for President.

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