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It has not gone without notice that I have been driving around town with an enormous Phillies magnet on my car.

Many many people mention it. I think they are concerned it’s some kind of desperate call for help. Like someone is being held hostage in the trunk by the Phillies’ starting line-up.

The magnet is that big. I try to think of it less as a magnet and more like wrapping paper for the back end of my car.

I asked Rick if I could take it off but he pleaded with me to keep it on there. He was afraid I would mess up the Phillies’ playoffs karma. So I never touched it.

But thankfully, I mean, sadly, the Phillies are now out of the playoffs.

So bye bye magnet.

But since I know my husband’s Philadelphia love runs deep, I decided to replace it with a more reasonable sized Phillies magnet that we also own.

Unfortunately it’s in the storm drain.

That’s where 17-month-old Chase decided to store it. And getting a magnet out of a storm drain is not the simplest of tasks.

We tried umbrellas. Marshmallow roasting sticks. A mop. A rake.

Summer brought over a catcher’s mitt and an empty can of Pringles to help in the cause.

During our efforts, Chase (who never misses an opportunity to be helpful) also dropped a boomerang and a long shoe horn down the drain. Just in case the magnet wasn’t challenging enough.

Keep in mind, NONE of this stuff (with the exception of the magnet) belongs to us. It’s all from the garage of our rental house. I know. Can you believe someone owns marshmallow roasting sticks, a boomerang and a shoe horn? I could live happily with just one of those objects.

Finally, Rick works a little magic with a rake and some kind of vaulting pole.  He got everything out.

And now my gold minivan looks a little less crazy.  Better luck next year, Phillies.

mama bird notes:

I know it seems like this post is sponsored by Toyota or the Philadelphia Phillies but it’s not. Actually, the fabulous folks at 1-800-Contacts sponsored it! I’ve been ordering contacts from these guys for years so it’s about time they sent me some cash. It’s a great place to order contacts online or over the phone.  They really do have excellent customer service and well, thanks to their product, my children don’t look blurry.

Finally, don’t miss me at The Mouthy Housewives today! I’ve giving advice on Christmas gift etiquette. Because it’s never too early too stress out about the holidays. Enjoy!

16 Responses to how to get a bunch of stuff out of a storm drain

  • Kerri says:

    I bet Rick is pretty handy with chop-sticks if he can fish out a boomerang & a shoe horn (wonder how many people have no idea what a shoe horn is…LOL!)

  • Becky says:

    At least Chase didn’t think the toilet was a good place to store the Phillies magnet. Though it would have shown amazing insight for sports metaphors at such a young age.

    We’re an Orioles household, so we don’t even get to the playoffs. Magnet or no magnet – it’s all toilet for O’s fans.

  • beebs says:

    No kidding it’s not too early to stress about the holidays. I had a dream last night that we had forgotten to buy gifts for most of the people in our family and we were plotting how to get out of going to church with them so we could go to Target and quickly buy everything. We never made it in my dream before I woke up…stressed.

  • The most stressful 2 months of my life was when we were living (with 5 kids, aged 11 and younger) in a rental that still had the owner’s stuff in it. I think we managed to get away with only having to replace a few drinking glasses and a set of UNO cards, but I didn’t draw an easy breath until the day we moved out. Into another, more expensive rental with the owner’s stuff in it…

    I guess that was sort of a bad year.

  • Auntie T says:

    Love the picture of the recovery process! Can I have the recipe for the Marshmallow Double Fudge Ball Cake?
    Sounds perfect for many on my list…..maybe there is one in your future.

  • Steph says:

    Wow, Chase is very busy and adorable! Glad you could retrieve them. When mine were small, I remember finding a pretzel rod in a clothing drawer. I figured they were storing up for winter.

  • Lanie says:

    I like the new Phillies magnet. Where is the old one? Did you, i mean Chase, drop it down the drain?

    I order my contacts from 1800 contacts too – It is great that they come right to our mailbox. Take care. xoxo

  • I remember a boomerang in our toybox growing up. But I have no recollection of ever playing with it. And the fact that we lived in a city apartment made its existence in our home rather mystifying… Too bad we didn’t have those car magnets when I was a kid – my parents were lame and wouldn’t let us put bumper stickers on the car (would ruin the paint job of something?) But they would allow a boomerang in the apartment…strange choices.

  • Susan says:

    Dude. My hubs would have gone after it in the storm drain. Or maybe just ordered 2 more in case it was misplaced. Though he’s an Indians fan, which is a hard lot in life. I’m a Mets or Braves fan, so when I cheer for the Braves, we say we’re a tribe fam.

    I’m a fan of this so called 1-800 contacts. I love when companies actually pay mom bloggers to do stuff worth their while instead of expecting a freebie because we’re being acknowledged by some company. So this makes me like them even more.

    Kudos contact peeps! Kudos…


    a woman with astigmatism (who had to google astigmatism to see how to spell it) who wears daily disposable contacts.

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