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Dylan and Summer got this awesome Disney Princess Super Play House Tent for Christmas. It’s approximately the size of our old Manhattan apartment. With a bit more pink.

Setting it up was a snap. It comes in a circle and you just sort of unwind it, say a few magical words like, “Praise the almighty Disney Princesses” and boom you have yourself a playhouse.

And then when it’s time to wrap it up, you simply follow the directions.

Well, it doesn’t come with directions exactly.

More like illustrations of a wooden man with no face and no fingers who easily folds it back up in six simple steps.Β  Damn. If this guy can do it with no fingers, then surely I, who have TEN digits, can do it.

So I tried.

And Rick tried.

And we tried again.

And then we realized the world needed a how to video. So we made one.

Materials needed:

One Disney Princess Super Play House Tent
One set of directions
One glass of wine (maybe two)

There are two morals here…

Make sure you own a house that’s big enough so you never have to fold up your princess castle.

And never trust a wooden man with no face and no fingers.

40 Responses to how to fold a disney princess tent

  • Emily says:

    I was waiting for it to explode out of your arms and into your husband. Thanks for the FYI; I will never purchase one of those.

  • hokgardner says:

    And that’s why I flatten our version of that tent and cram it under a bed before it can unfold itself.

    The kids, of course, can fold it up perfectly in mere seconds.

  • Becky K says:

    we have a thomas the train one and it has been up a total of 2 times. Just enough to remind myself that putting it way is total torture. You can go on playhut’s website and they have video of a real person folding it up. The only problem is that it still is difficult to do on your own. My friend has a star wars one and she keeps her’s flat up against a wall behind a book case. She can’t get her’s to go back to it’s original circle either.

  • Janna says:

    We have one & leave it up all the time. Somehow the whole family ends up in it a lot. Except it took a lot of prodding to get Uncle Erik in the first time.

  • Jenny says:

    Our daughter has a tent like that, and I finally just folded it up all half-assed like that and shoved it in a closet. Problem solved!

  • Kerri says:

    LOL! Nice to know with all the technology we now have that those tents still don’t fold up. We had some for the kids & bought them about 10 years ago. Basically…they stayed up in the basement & got dragged up. They were also a hit when we took them for Winter Fun Day & stuck them in a corner for the kids to play with. We had to transport them in the van because like you, we never really did figure out how to fold them back up again! Mind you we have a 12 person tent & manage to get that folded up & back into the bag! Hmmm…

  • Emilie says:

    So funny!!! Also I second that you look so tiny and great! My friend and I had a battle with the same folding system in our pop-up sunshades at the beach last summer. All I’ll add about that is that I don’t recommend attempting the fold up in public while wearing a bikini πŸ˜‰ I will take your advice of a glass of wine next summer and see how it goes LOL!

  • Momo Fali says:

    I sold two of those at our garage sale last year. One Disney tent and one firetruck tent, both to the same family. I laughed the entire time they were walking down the driveway with them. Then I celebrated with beer.

  • Beth says:

    HA! Love your humor…you crack me up! Love the video and that your husband willingly recorded it for you! Mine would have thought I was nuts! Especially love the wine added into the instructions…priceless! *GRIN*

  • Anna says:

    we too got that as a thoughtful gift when living in a nyc apt that had a living room that was just about the same size as the tent. hubby and i couldnt fold and so we just got used to ducking and walking through it when trying to get from the kitchen to our bedroom. then it “broke” – such a shame.

  • FYI, you will NEVER fold it up. Trust me. I only fold it into fourths and stick it behind her toy box so that it sticks up against the wall. I try to put the princess faces out so that it looks like a decorative item. As though I purposely wanted to stick princesses on her walls.

    Also, once you twist those metal bars the wrong way, you will NEVER Untwist them. So stop trying to get it into a circle! Again, trust me on this one.

  • Amanda says:

    Also had a similar tent. It was left open for approximately 107 years before we finally put it in the trash last week.

    Prior to that, we kept in the dining room to provide “atmosphere.”

  • Emily says:

    The best part when you are “just going to put it away”. Your blog is hilarious and I think we need to see another video soon! πŸ™‚

  • Jennifer says:

    whahahaha! You’re such a pleasure to get back to work to… sounds weird… I don’t direct my blogroll to my personal email – only to my work one, and I’ve been on leave… so coming back to you is WONDERFUL!!!

  • Lisa says:

    My boys were given the Toy Story rocket ship as a gift. We were as successful as you in taking it down but your attempt was much funnier and had a lot less cursing. I will try wine next time! πŸ˜‰

  • We’ve had many bendy shelters like that. The infant pool cabana was the first one. And now we have a couple of Thomas Train shelters that he kids like to climb into that then run around the house like it’s Chinese New Year.

    I hope you put that how to video on YouTube. You could save marriages.

  • Portia says:

    I thought directional video was actually supposed to provide *ahem* direction… Lol! This one taught Me to drink and be merry… ;). You really do look awesome btw! So thin! You are one hot mama of 4!

  • Aimee says:

    I love it! I could not stop laughing!!! I felt your pain as our little beach hut is “supposed” to fold up the same way–AND we have the little man with not fingers on our directions to (so not cool). YOu know how pissed I was at the beach when we couldn’t fold that bad boy–never knew we needed a “test run”.

  • Candice says:

    My favorite part was Rick saying “but that’s good right?”
    lol I ALMOST got one of those for my kids. Kinda glad I didn’t.
    “just zip it up honey” You guys crack me up!

  • Colleen says:

    I am cracking up at how many people have found this video. I’m glad that I’m not the only person who googled this topic. Still have not figured it out. I guess it will just get shoved under the bed!

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