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Rick and I have been cleaning out the attic, which is surprisingly not on the list of, How To Make Your Marriage More Exciting and Spontaneous.”

We are throwing and donating a lot of stuff away. And we decided to donate our 10 year-old, never been opened waffle iron because if we haven’t made waffles in the last decade, we probably won’t.

waffle maker

But then a few days later, Rick had big time waffle maker regret.

“We need to keep this. We have kids. We should be making waffles,” Rick said.

“We have had kids for 8 years. I’ve seen nothing but frozen waffles. Let it go,” I responded.

“We should keep it,” he stressed.

“You have one week to make homemade waffles or it gets tossed.”

But Rick couldn’t live with the pressure (something about a job and other responsibilities) so I generously extended it to a month.  Have you noticed that I give and I give around here? So on May 12th, we will reassess the situation.

Then he got nostalgic over this coat.

Harlowe's jacket

All 3 of my daughters… Dylan, Summer and Harlowe have worn it and now it’s time to say goodbye. I stuffed that sucker in a donation bag before Rick could convince me to make baby doll curtains out of it or something.

And then I found my journal, with pages dedicated to Shaun Cassidy.  Even then I knew we wouldn’t be together. I wrote,

”Pictures of the one I think is cute, the the only thing is, he is 16 and I am 8.”

Shaun Cassidy photos

Of course, Shaun Cassidy is actually 12 years older than me so I’m not sure what kind of math I was using that made him 16 when I was 8. Maybe it was my inferior arithmetic that ultimately kept us apart.

Obviously, I’m keeping the Shaun Cassidy photos. So much more useful than a waffle maker.

mama bird notes:

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And I’m also writing about Halle Berry’s pregnancy at 46! Whoa. You’ll find it at Lifetime Moms.

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