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Obviously, we all harbor a secret desire to work at a carnival but just lack that special niche talent like sword swallowing or contortion. But now, I’m going to give you the skills to jump on the carnival circuit and finally fulfill your dreams of traveling with fire breathers and Congo, the two headed calf.

What is your new talent? You will learn how to guess people’s age with remarkable accuracy! Or sort of accuracy. Read on!

It’s a new website (by Microsoft) that tells you someone’s age and their gender by analyzing a photo. Of course, I immediately tried it out. Because what’s more egocentric than taking a selfie? Analyzing your selfie age! Okay, here I go…

How Old Do You Look - Kelcey

What?! I am WAY younger than 46. Okay, a little bit younger. But come on. And then this program has to throw it in my face that there is a 24 year old sitting behind me?! I want a do over!

I recently saw my friend Robin from high school and we took a selfie. Computer algorithm do your thing…

How Old Do I look- Robin and Kelcey

Now I’m 55?!! At least Robin is still in her 40’s.

Okay, let’s try someone older than me. How about Hillary Clinton…

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 10.38.50 PM

Oh good grief. Clinton is 67.

How about my nearly 2 year son Cash…

How Old Do You Look? Cash

Please no one tell Cash he looks like a 4 year old girl.

Alright, I’m sorry to break this to you but your carnival career is not happening unless you own a two headed calf.

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