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In my daughter’s third grade class, each kid is responsible for handing in their homework, without being reminded. If you do the homework, but don’t remember on your own to turn it in, you get a zero. I like the idea of responsibility and accountability but it seems pretty hard core and I could never measure up.

Like I just took Cash for his 4 month check up with a new pediatrician who I loved. He told me I can start feeding him rice cereal which is fun. Except I keep forgetting to start.

So I’ve put the cereal on the counter in the hopes that this will be some kind of tip off at meal time. If that doesn’t work, I’ll just post a sticky note on Cash’s head that says, “Try feeding me cereal.” One way or another, we will get this done.

Speaking of food – I went to the grocery store yesterday, ordered my ham at the deli and 8 hours later had still not picked it up. I wonder how long they give you to claim your ham over there.

Oh, and Rick now wants me to get his rye bread sliced in the bakery section of the grocery store.

He made this monumental request over the weekend and I looked at him as if he had just requested that I polish and wax a fleet of minivans.

Can’t he just be happy with a normal loaf of bread from the bread aisle? Nope. From the bakery section. Sliced by the bakery lady. First of all, it seems inconvenient for the bakery gal because now she has to stop texting to slice some guy’s bread. And second, this is an extra two or three minutes to my shopping run.

But Rick explained that his grandmother used to go to an actual bakery JUST for the best rye bread. Obviously I’m living the good life because I can get it at the grocery store.

I think my main problem is that I don’t appreciate bread the way other people do. On the other hand, I would drive three states away for milk chocolate malt balls.

But because I strive to be a good wife, I agreed to this arduous task.

In case you are grading me…

Remembering to feed Cash real food: 0

Remembering to pick up deli ham: 0

Wife attitude when husband makes small request for sliced rye bread: 0.

I’m definitely not making 3rd grade honor roll.

23 Responses to honor roll

  • Marley C. says:

    I have a 3rd grader and there is no way on God’s green Earth would he remember homework without being reminded. Actually I think my 7th graders might be questionable. Mother of the Year.

  • kelsey kleiman says:

    Probably the teacher can’t remember to ask for the homework to be handed in so he or she made up this rule!
    Where do the zeros lead to? Do they get grades? When do kids get grades? My 3rd grader doesn’t get grades. I was thinking that must start in middle school.


      • MommyTime says:

        Actually, NOW is the perfect time for this kind of rule — because by the time they are actually getting grades, they will (theoretically) have become accustomed to the hand-it-in-yourself thing and actually take more responsibility for their homework. My 4th grader has to get a planner signed nightly. I am not supposed to remind him of this fact, and if he brings it in unsigned, he loses recess time. It’s very hard not to remind him, but I do think it is good for him in the long term. (Also, it’s hard enough for me to remember to fill out the Picture Day form on time, so how can I be responsible for All The Other Things too?)

        • Kelcey says:

          I do agree with you that it’s important to build good study habits early on and having consequences can be an effective way to support good habits. But I also think that it needs to be combined with empathy. My daughter was so nervous to be at a new school (having just moved states away) and although she had completed the homework during the first week, she was too nervous to get up and turn it in. To then give that anxious, stressed out child a zero is counter productive (in my opinion). She came home sobbing uncontrollably. She needed to feel supported those first few weeks, not punished for being too shy to turn in a homework assignment that was sitting in her folder.

  • Sue says:

    Hi Kelcey – I’m a long time reader and have been in Central America for the last week and have THOROUGHLY enjoyed seeing Rick on the Miami feed our resort brings in. He is absolutely fantastic! Please tell him be has a new fan from Canada πŸ™‚

  • bitsy says:

    Good thing you don’t have to worry about making the 3rd grade honor roll, seeing as how you already passed 3rd grade back in the days when we didn’t have homework in 3rd grade.

  • Surely, and this is going out on a limb, the teacher can be lenient on a newbie that’s just been through the most traumatic experience next to divorce (really! Stats say that moving is that hard!!) and can remove those zero’s???
    I would be hard pressed not to march in there and demand this… and then probably apologize and blame sleep deprivation with 5 kids… grovel… cry… and be horrified to find myself struck from the honour roll, but if my kid gets back on it… it’s all good.

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