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This weekend, I found myself facing an entire day all alone with my four children. Rick was at work. My mom (who usually helps me) was in Memphis.

So it was just me – staring at 11 week old twins, a 3 1/2 year-old and an almost 6 year-old.

An at home movie marathon would have been the perfect choice. So instead, I decided we should go on an outing.

After a round of nursing, I put the twins in the double stroller.  Then Summer hopped in the single stroller because that girl just loathes walking.  I have no idea why. Just the action of putting one foot in front of the other has never really caught on with her. On her wedding day, I have a feeling Rick will be pushing her down the aisle in a Bugaboo.

Then Dylan and I divided up the manual labor.

I pushed the twins in one stroller.

And she pushed Summer in the other stroller.

We walked a few blocks into town and it was all going pretty well until Dylan suddenly stopped and declared, “Summer is too heavy. I don’t want to do this anymore.”

Now I’m a do-it-myself kind of girl but there is no way I can push a double stroller AND a single stroller. If Dylan walked off the job, I was in deep trouble.  We negotiated. And for the very reasonable price of an Italian ice, Dylan agreed to keep pushing. But she did insist, this was her last time doing this sort of thing.

I hate when the help goes all diva on me.

Later in the day, I even took my little crew to a friend’s party. The whole thing was kind of a blur but I do remember handing my babies off to anyone who would hold one for a minute, yelling at Summer for pulling on my shirt for the 400 billionth time, feeling bad about yelling at her because it’s just a stupid shirt after all, wiping the tushy of a child that was not my own and then somehow getting home to meet Rick and pack up all four kids to head to the Jersey shore.

And we did get to the shore.

It was Chase and Harlowe’s first visit and their toes never touched the sand but I think they learned there is no better place to nap than the beach.

This is my sister-in-law Kimberly holding Harlowe…

And my pensive older girls…

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