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I still haven’t sent out our holiday cards. I don’t why I haven’t. Every time I try, I find myself re-watching the John Carter trailer starring a shirtless Tim Riggins.

Or I’m taking my kids to the movies. Like we just saw “Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked” which made both my girls cry.Β  I could saved 26 bucks and made them cry at home for free. Of course, I would have missed all those awesome chipmunk puns which give me my street cred for the new year.

Or I was occupied taking the kids to the library where Dylan and Summer happily kept busy on the computers, Harlowe contently played with a doll house and Chase broke 5 Christmas tree ornaments and ripped 20 plus books off the shelves within a 3 minute time span. I just kept saying, “Does anyone know who is the mother of this troublesome little boy?”and then shook my head in a disapproving way.

We are no longer going to the library.

So somehow I just haven’t sent out the cards.

What’s the etiquette now? Do I just wait a few weeks and do more of a Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day theme? Because nothing says holiday joy like the civil rights movement.

Meanwhile, lots of cards keep coming…

I’ve already written about those ridiculously perfect ones.

But then I got sent these…

Half the kids are crying which is about my photo success rate.

And I like this one…

This family was part of a political ad campaign and were supposed to look grim about health care costs. And then they just sent it out as their holiday card and wrote, “Merry Christmas from the Angry Millers!” Look how upset that boy on the left is about his co-pay going up.

And this is definitely one of my absolute favorites. It’s my friend Abby from high school and her boyfriend Hugh.

I hope they turn up together at our next reunion!

Have a great New Year’s everyone. xo



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