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Let me explain the difference between my week and my husband’s week.

Rick went to Los Angeles. He flew on a plane with Chelsea Handler. He texted his wife… “Chelsea Handler is on my flight!”

His wife texted back, “I love her!! You should make out with her.”

He texted back, “No, I’m not doing that.” (Which is really ridiculous because he should be open to new opportunities. And no, I did not encourage him because some day I could be on a plane with Bradley Cooper and I’d like the option myself. Well, sort of.)

So I told him to at least take a photo of her in the airport. This is it…

I think it’s safe to say that Rick is not the next Ron Galella.

After not sucking face with Chelsea Handler, he spent several days hanging out with some of his best friends, enjoying sunny LA and not taking care of four children.

Then he flew back on a plane with Jenna Elfman. (Okay, she hasn’t done all that much since Dharma & Greg, but she’s super cute and I loved her in the tragically short lived Accidentally On Purpose.)

MEANWHILE, back in New York…

His wife has been taking care of four children plus a fish during winter vacation.

Obviously, the fish is the most rigorous.

The fish is staying with us while his family vacations in Mexico.  His name is Superman Rocket. Which is a little pretentious. Of course, I named my twins Chase Aspen and Harlowe Rain so maybe I’m not one to judge fish names.

Now that I think about it, his name might be Spiderman Rocket. It’s too confusing. Fish should just be named Sushi.

Superman/Spiderman Rocket kind of bums me out because he looks so bored in that bowl.  I thought it would be fun if we bought him a friend – like another fish. Or even better, like a rabbit. Wouldn’t that be the BEST surprise when his family gets back?! A fish AND a rabbit to take home.

I did not see any celebrities this week. Not one. I would have been satisfied with one of the Project Runway All Stars which let’s admit are not all stars.

But on the upside of my week, none of the kids has yet to kill the fish.

17 Responses to his and hers vacations

  • KD says:

    Okay, I know who Jenna Elfman is but I have NO idea who Chelsea Handler is and have to google her now to find out! As for the fish, I am “watching” three myself while their family enjoys a different scene than the one I’m living and I don’t even know their names!

  • Mo says:

    Much as I like the idea of putting a rabbit in a fish bowl to keep the fish company I’m not sure if that would work. The fish looks too much like a carrot.

  • Lanie says:

    I think next time Rick should watch the 4 children and you should fly to meet us in NO :-). (the fish can fend for himself – after all he is a super or spider fish). xoxo

  • Darn! We just gave our rabbit away to someone…too many children + more business travel = pet downsizing. I would have totally shipped him to you just for the blog post about sending the fish and rabbit home together.

    And our rabbit was superfantastic, too, so I’m sure he would have fit right in with a fish with such a pretentious name. The rabbit was a girl until his testicles descended. Then, magically, we had a boy bunny! And his name was Tommie, so we could so easily change the name to Tommy when we realized she was really a boy rabbit. The conversations with the children were less convenient, tho…

    Love the post! And you def deserve a vacation now, esp since you’ve separated from that double-wide breast feeding pillow!

  • I love Jenna Elfman! She was in Friends With Benefits last year (Justin Timberlake/Mila Kunis) which I wanted to since JT is my ‘I know I’ll see him on a flight and hope I have a pass to make out with him’ – but I have small children for the love of mother! I can’t get to the movies!

    PS – what color is Chelsea’s hair in that picture? Oreo?
    PSS – I saw Bradley Cooper in Union Square before The Hangover came out and he is really short (buzzkill).

  • Lanie says:

    P.S. Under no circumstances should Superman Robot/Rocket come on the trip to NO. There are (hopefully not anymore) that could try to put him/her in a shot glass. . .xoxo

  • Kara says:

    The surest way to never pet sit again…buy them an additional pet.

    “Kelcey, we’re going out of town. Can you watch Spot? On second thought, never mind. We don’t need a chinchilla.”

  • Mary says:

    Every fish should be named Sushi is brilliant. My husband works on movies and when I ask him what the actresses looked like (his last movie was Michelle Williams, Rachel Weisz and Mila Kunis) he always says, “like you, normal.” Obviously this is not true but at least it makes me feel that I’m still somewhat desirable. I think…

  • Mary, my husb is in the movie business too! Yours sounds sweeter, though.

    Is it wrong to want to take a HERS vacation without the HIM? Or vice versa? Because even the home-in-NY side of the vacay sounded pretty good to me. (They DO go to bed eventually, right?) I tried to make the case for taking my birthday vacation alone (my family gave me the lodging as a gift) and it didn’t go over very well.

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