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My son underwent surgery this week to remove a piece of glass in his foot. Hold on there Kelcey – is this a recycled post from last May? This whole surgery thing sounds very familiar.

And yes, indeed 2 year old Cash did have surgery to remove glass from his foot last May. But here’s the problem. THERE WAS STILL GLASS IN THERE. Yup, this is take two.

How did we know there was still glass in his foot? Well, Cash mentioned something about wanting some cheddar Goldfish and I, with my finely tuned maternal instincts, took that for toddler code that there was something still stuck in there.

Okay, that might not be quite right. Actually, his walking has been off since the initial surgery so they did an x-ray and there it was.

Cash pre surgery

His doctor referred to removing this glass as “trying to find a needle in a haystack” but I think of it more as “another hefty co-pay!” And no, the hospital wasn’t running a 2 for 1 on foot surgeries. I even checked Groupon.

And you know what you shouldn’t do when waiting for your child to come out of surgery… read scary surgery stories on 24 hour news sites. But I did anyway. What is it about humans that we like to torture ourselves?

Anyway, he woke up from the surgery screaming and thrashing and thinking, “I was feeling pretty good about this hospital playroom and these super nice nurses and then you all went and cut open my foot again. What the heck people?!!”

But after some pain meds, he thankfully rested for a bit…

Cash post surgery 1

And woke up far less agitated….

Cash post surgery 2

Well, thank goodness for that age old saying, “the second time is the charm” because Cash would hate to do this surgery a third time.

11 Responses to hey mom, there’s glass in my foot

  • Alex says:

    Wow, this kid certainly is not lacking any excitement in his life. Are you looking forward to having him off his feet for a day or two? ? Feel better, Cash!

  • Steph says:

    ummm I’m no doctor, but if you can see the glass in the x-ray of that sweet, little foot then it does not seem like finding a needle in a haystack. Anyway, as usual, you have kept your sense of humor. Hope all goes perfectly smoothly for Cash and you.

  • Judy P says:

    And no Groupon! Poor kiddo. I never did the whole foreign object in the body thing but my little brother sure made up for me!

    • Judy P says:

      Actually I did step on a bee and get a stinger in my foot. My mother absolutely refused to believe me. My friend saw the whole thing and even vouched for me, but my mother would have nothing to do with it. Days later I had to get the school nurse to fish it out. And as a young woman umm… a feminine hygiene product just *vanished.* I would say that one doesn’t blog about such a thing except I did read a blog about that and I’m so not the only one!

  • Megan says:

    Speedy recovery Cash! Or perhaps your mommy would like it to be a slow recovery so she can get some well deserved rest. Hugs!

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