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Rick and I had a fantastic night away in the city.  After leaving the kids with my parents, I drove to The Standard Hotel in the Meatpacking District to meet Rick after work.

I handed over my car keys to this bell hop hipster kid and told him to resist the urge to go for a joy ride in our 1999 Jeep Cherokee (which by the way feels like you’re driving a go-cart).  I’m so sure he did it anyway. It sort of comes with the territory when you own a car that cool.

The Standard Hotel is one of those places that has huge windows so you have lots of opportunities to flash people on the street from your room. And even better – the shower is completely encased in glass and sits in the middle of the room so there is zero privacy and anyone else present can really study your showering techniques.

But on the upside, you can easily watch TV while you wash! So I’ve now checked, “Watch ‘The Real Housewives of New York City’ While Shampooing My Hair” off my bucket list.

Rick and I had a lot of romantic moments during our getaway.

Like when I got to know some sailors courtesy of Fleet Week….

I don’t really appreciate the attitude of the kid on the far right.

It’s weird because they all look 14 to me but claimed to actually be in their mid to late twenties.

And Rick and I thought it might be fun to stop by one of our favorite wine bars late night where they played the most relaxing music and …..

Anyway, the following day, we had breakfast at the always lovely Pastis and then went to the Apple store. My Blackberry needs to be replaced and iRick is part of this iCult and has been trying to get me to buy an iPhone.

I did my own very scientific poll on Twitter to find out if I should buy an iPhone or the Blackberry Torch (which has a touch screen and a keyboard). And I don’t remember the final tally but it was something like…

iPhone: 10 billion people

Android: 1

Blackberry: 0

But I’m sort of a lover of the underdog so that made me want to get another Blackberry even more. But the Apple store was so shiny and sparkly, that I went ahead and bought an iPhone.

Saying goodbye to my Blackberry got a bit emotional and now I have this iPhone that my 1 year-olds could type faster on. I’m longing for my BB keyboard and the familiar comfort of that little red blinking light.  But I’m sure I’ll adjust.  And anyway, I have 30 days to change my mind.

As for that hotel room with the very revealing glass shower? That is money I can never get back.

19 Responses to hey, it’s manhattan. we used to live here. it’s awesome.

  • scrappysue says:

    yeah, does that kid on the right know it’s a school night? welcome to the iphone club. yep, i pretty much own the ‘parents shouldn’t tex’ domain now with my epic text fails, but it’s all apart from that! glad u had such a great night away .

  • Jenn says:

    I’m a Blackberry baby myself thanks. Getting the Torch in about 3 months, to replace my 8250. Didn’t think I’d like the keyboard, but couldn’t live without it now.

  • I don’t have an iPhone, Kelcey, and I was enjoying sharing that underdogness with you. Thanks a lot for going off to dance with the popular boy and leaving me alone in the Wallflower line. On another note, so happy you had fun with your man!

  • Stasha says:

    Funny. I noticed the chap on the right, scrolled down and saw you were not impressed either.
    I got my BB because it came free with the sign up, but now I realised world is divided by which phone folks use I will opt to stay on an island with Dusty Earth Mother and be the coolest party of two. So long Mama bird, fly away.
    Send from my iPad2. (So you all know I am a fake who is just to tight to pay for a new phone out of my own pocket.)

  • Can’t figure out why people keep buying iPhones and then complain about the lack of keyboard… there are other GREAT phones out there that do everything an iPhone can do (sometimes more) and have a keyboard. Of course the iPhone is amazing, but it’s not the only amazing phone on the market. Send it back and go Android (pick a phone w/a keyboard). Obviously, I was busy playing with my phone when you did your informal poll… Anyway, New York City hotels are always an adventure!

  • The Apple store will get you every time.
    Weekend getaways rock.
    My hubby and I recently spent a very cold weekend in Philly. First trip sans kids since our oldest was born. In 2002. We could tell it was cold…but it didn’t matter.

  • Fordeville says:

    We also ventured into Manhattan Saturday night. I think we were asleep in the booth next to you.

    Oh, and we may have seen you showering in The Standard when we drove down the West Side Highway.

  • amourningmom says:

    So glad that you got away – sounds fun! Love the Fleet Week picture. Does this mean that I should delete you from my blackberry instant message list? xoxo

  • Marinka says:

    I’m very worried about our friendship now that you’re no longer a BlackBerry girl. You may have to introduce me to one of those sailors to make it up to me.

  • Tonya says:

    Oooooo, I’ve been wanting to stay a night at the Standard!! Or rather a night across from the Standard with a telescope. What? I’m not creepy.
    Ah yes, that’s how my spouse got me to get an Iphone too – he took me to the Apple Store and I got all woozy from the sleek modernism of it all and before I knew it I had an Iphone and a desire for Apple TV.

  • Issa says:

    Oh how I loved my crackberry. I was never going to not have one. Yeah…two weeks with an iPhone and I’ll never not have one.

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