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This week my husband Rick flew down to Florida to see his 89-year-old grandmother.

Isn’t that so darn sweet?

And then like a good grandson, he decided to take her out for a nice game of Bingo.  Where he proceeded to hustle these poor seniors out of their hard earned retirement funds.

Okay, maybe not their ENTIRE retirement funds.

But $9.25 of it.

It’s 25 cents a game. I guess that’s why they consider South Florida the gambling capital of the world.

Then Rick came home and just in time because water stopped coming out of our kitchen faucet. It’s one of these fancy faucets that you tap to turn on. So I tapped and tapped and then hit and finally pretty much assaulted the faucet but water still refused to come out.

I texted with my plumber.

I chatted with the company where we bought it.

I consulted with the manufacturer, Delta Faucet.

Delta Faucet instructed me to get underneath the sink, shut off the water valve, unscrew the straw like tubing leading to the couslgsidhg (or some word like that), clean out the screen and then put it back together and problem solved!

I did not like the sound of any of that. Especially because I couldn’t find the water valve or the straw like tubing or the couslgsidhg.

And I’m telling you, I looked.

I texted my plumber again. He was busy. He claimed to be on some kind of “plumbing” job but it sounded suspicious to me.

So I tapped on my faucet again. Nothing.

I yelled at it. Nothing.

And then Rick came home. He noticed a red light on the sink.

And this man, who has MANY talents, but fixing things is not really one of them, says… is there some kind of battery that can be replaced?

And OMG, there was.

$9.25 in Bingo winnings PLUS a working faucet.

What more do you need in a man?

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