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A friend of mine was recently checking her kid’s phone and she stumbled on a text exchange between her nanny and her tween daughter.

In the text, her daughter asks… what is a prostitute?


As that point, the nanny should obviously text back, “I only take questions about what’s for dinner. Mac and cheese by the way. All question about hookers and pimps have to be handled by your parents! So feel free to text them at work!”

But instead the nanny attempts to explain what a prostitute is. Yup, she really does. Via text.

Text with babysitter

I’m sure that’s also the official Merriam-Webster definition of a prostitute.

I don’t know what I would say if one of my kids asked me about prostitution.

I think I’d pop in a DVD of Pretty Woman and let Julia Roberts do all the explaining.

3 Responses to here’s a question you pray your kid doesn’t ask you

  • Reminds me of Scout in “To Kill A Mockingbird” – “Daddy, what’s ‘rape’?” “It’s carnal knowledge of a female without her consent.” “Oh, okay.” Just use big words that make it sound boring…

  • JBartistic says:

    I distinctly remember asking my mother what a whore was when I was 6. I believe I heard a boy call his sister that in a PG rated movie. She told me it was a woman who sells her body for money. Which didn’t sound that bad as a 6 year old. Haha!

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