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We had plans to fly to Florida on Tuesday and then 2-year-old Harlowe got this stomach flu that is extra special because unlike the normal 24 hour stomach bug, this one keeps on giving for many wonderful bonus days.

And then Chase who doesn’t want to be left out of anything – got it too!

Rick and I discussed what to do and decided it made sense to delay the trip for a few days because flying with two very sick toddlers is not on our list of approved vacation activities. Then we consulted with Jet Blue to see if they agreed.

And Jet Blue was sweet enough to waive the change fee but each new ticket would cost $500 which seemed less sweet.

So on Tuesday, we crossed our fingers, and got on a plane from New York to West Palm.  I’ll just say that I’m glad those paper bags are readily available in the front seat pockets. And any flight seems okay if your expectations are low enough.

Despite their offer to take $3,000 from us, I really do love Jet Blue. For example, the head flight attendant introduced his other flight attendants as his wife Debra and his ex-wife Arielle. I mean, other passengers might put pilot experience at the top of their airline list but a funny staff is what I’m really looking for.

During the flight, one of these attendants (either wife Debra or ex-wife Arielle) came up to me and said, “I just want to compliment you on your kids. They are so well behaved. We see so many kids on flights these days who are out of control and I just like to compliment a family when I see children who are so well mannered.”

Now clearly wife Debra or ex-wife Arielle was back in the galley when Chase was throwing up into a paper bag and Harlowe was whining for 25 minutes because we had to shut one of the shades so as not to be blinded by sun rays.

But I just responded, “Thank you so much. They are my little darlings. You are sweet to come by.  Any more of those mixed nuts?”

A short time later, Rick took one or all of our 17 children to the bathroom. I can’t really remember because I was watching Blue Valentine with Ryan Gosling and I like to give that man my full attention.

While Rick was waiting for the bathroom, that same flight attendant said to him, “I love you.”

Rick said, “Ok.”

And then she continued… “I love you on Fox. I watch you all the time.”

Which is very nice but now I’m thinking that she doesn’t think my children are so awesome at all and she really is just crushin’ on Rick which I guess is a compliment too.

Plus I got those extra nuts.

And we did make it to Florida.

florida - harlowe and rick

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