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It’s time consuming to adjust to a new town. Time I really need to tweeze my eyebrows and freshen up my highlights.  Not that I know where to go for either of those things.

Like I tried to pick up sushi (20 minutes round trip) except that I accidentally got on the highway. At rush hour. When there was an accident.

I finally got past the accident and then still couldn’t get myself to my destination. I kept taking the wrong highways, mostly because Google Maps gives you about 4 seconds notice when it wants you to take a certain road. Somehow I can’t beam myself across 4 lanes of traffic in 4 seconds BECAUSE I’M NOT IN A HELICOPTER GOOGLE.

I finally reached the sushi place and got home. It took an hour and 30 minutes.  By that point, my dad had attempted to give Cash water out of a bottle just to temporarily soothe him. Cash, who has never had a bottle, thought the whole situation was bunk and refused.  And he would later seek retribution.

Dylan’s 9th birthday, my anniversary and the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur were on Saturday – clearly the trifecta of merriment. Dylan went to see Smurfs 2 with a new friend which is obviously an old Jewish tradition.

Then we drove to Boca (about 45 minutes away) to break the Smurfs’ fast. This is when Cash got even. He cried for every minute of that trip. Rick was in a different car (for reasons that are too boring to explain), so I enjoyed the torture alone but tried to call him frequently on the trip so we could share this anniversary experience together.

I also had to pick up a Carvel cake for Dylan on the way. I pulled in front of the place, let the motor run and right outside handed my credit card to some Army guy walking in.

I said, “I’ve got five kids in the car, including a screaming baby. Please pick up my cake inside. Here’s the card. It’s under Kelcey. Buy yourself something too.”

And because the U.S. Army obviously kicks ass, he brought me out my cake and the receipt.  He paid for his own Carvel.

Even with her difficulties adjusting to Florida, Dylan had a great birthday. I can’t believe my first baby is nine (required mom observation) but I love the sweet, beautiful, sensitive, creative girl she has become.

And as for our anniversary, Rick said it best on Twitter….

Screen shot 2013-09-15 at 7.59.08 PM

 Mama Bird Notes:

I have a couple friends who will be tortured by not knowing why Rick took a separate car to Boca Raton. They can email me for the reason.

You can find me on Lifetime Moms writing about a dad who decided to wear very short shorts to teach his teenage daughter a lessson.

And on Alpha Mom, I review the best bouncy seat for your baby.

Finally, have you liked The Mama Bird Diaries on Facebook? Now is the time. xo

14 Responses to happy yom-ki-anniv-birth-ary!

  • Julie says:

    Happy Everything!! Download the Waze app. It gives you alternate routes, plus heads up on accidents, road hazards and cops. Good luck navigating the roads and life in Southern Florida.

  • Marley C. says:

    That picture of you is beautiful (just like you are still!) But…is Rick trying to say you looked like that 5 kids ago? LOL!

  • Kerri says:

    What a crazy day! But in all of that you still made sure Dylan had a great birthday & that you acknowledged your Anniversary & still “celebrated”. I know you have probably heard this before, but seriously these are the times that make the memories your kids will talk about when they are older. Silly times you may not even recall because there was so much going on. Yes people with fewer kids are busy too, but realistically, those with bigger families are busier!! Today my youngest turns 10! My 3 oldest are adults & my grandson is 5! Some of my foster children are adults too. I feel privileged that they keep in contact with me. I also have a grand-baby via one of my foster children. Enjoy today, whatever it brings to you & your family! I also consider you to be incredibly brave to have moved so far away!

  • Becky says:

    Mazel Tov! And, your wedding dress? AMAZING! (because really, after a million years and 5 kids, isn’t that all that matters?)

  • beachgirl says:

    Congrats on everything!! mostly having the ballz to hand over your credit card to a random stranger outside carvel…think of the damage he could have done in there with your credit card!! glad the birthday girl had fun and hopefully settling in down there.

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