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Someone is stalking my husband. I knew this would happen eventually. He’s a news personality in New York City. And he’s very friendly to everyone (not in a smarmy way but in a what-a-nice-guy kind of way). So I knew, at some point, some lady would fall hard. Turns out, it’s one of MY ladies.

1 year-old Summer is stalking her poor daddy. It’s gone beyond love. It’s the girl’s obsession. No matter where he goes, you hear her little hands and knees padding across the floor. She will find him. He can not hide.


summer-carbs.jpgI think it’s a carb thing. I’ve never known two people on this doughy planet who love carbs more than Rick and Summer. The girl can down a whole bagel and then be scrounging around on the floor for cracker crumbs or a lost, stale potato chip. As for Rick, he has a deep, unwavering lust for the white kaiser roll. So it seems natural that these two carb souls would one day meet and fall for each other.

Yes, I’m a bit envious. It’s not the carb connection. I’ll take chocolate over a hunk of bread every time. But I feel just a teensy bit jealous of this thing they have going on. It comes just as Summer and I are losing our thing.

Yes, it’s finally done. Or at least practically done. I cut out Summer’s final night time feed. I just loved breastfeeding Summer because she was so content when nursing. So happy. But she’s slowly adjusting to a ta ta free world. As for me, I’m a melancholy mama with aching boobs.

Summer, her boyfriend, Dylan and I all went to see Santa today. I knew it was getting down to the wire with his big night to shine quickly approaching. Oh, this is not my kid sitting on Santa’s lap. In fact, I don’t even know her. Just some sweet, lovely gal who’s putting in her toy order.


This was as close to Santa as my 3 year-old shy girl Dylan would get. Girlfriend don’t give St. Nicky no love.



Sore boobs. No cute Santa pic with my girls. But we still have this…


mama bird notes

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11 Responses to got milk? no, not anymore.

  • Jordana Bales says:

    Ava is also a crazy carb girl. It's nice that she finally can answer questions like "What would you like for dinner?" However, the answer is always, "pasta." Give this mama a plate of cheese and I'll forget about the crackers. BTW, *love* the pictures!!!

  • Kimberly says:

    what fantastic pictures… i don't blame summer for loving her daddy.. he's a pretty amazing guy;) my problem is.. i love the chocolate AND the carbs.. perhaps that is why i can't seem to lose those last 15 pregnancy lbs. congrats on being done nursing… your boobs will soon not ache and this daddy phase will pass.. you'll be #1 again real soon!

  • Megan says:

    Caitlin, much like Dylan, didn't like Santa much and she firmly stated that she doesn't want Santa to come to her house. I wish I had known this before I bought and wrapped all of her presents. It would have been much easier.
    BTW, I got my mama bird package yesterday. Thanks for all of the goodies! I was the lucky one that won that great give away!

  • jennifer says:

    Congratulations on weaning Summer! You are free, but I know the feeling of that lost connection. And what I would not give for my nursing boobs again. I keep telling my husband that I want that operation (sorry guys reading this, I know, too much info) b/c after two kids they are never the same…ever!

  • Pam F. says:

    Awesome pictures! Congratulations on weening Summer. I understand your loss though. Brandon gave me up way too quickly and for being my last baby I wanted to nurse much longer.

  • Kerry says:

    wow, weaning seems so elusive to me right now…i want a piece of that action in a few months! summer is delicious. merry christmas folbaum girlies!

  • Shannon says:

    Oh I felt so sad when Josh finished nursing…I couldn't even bring myself to deem one night "the last night". I didn't know my last would be my last until I decided so the following day…But it's nice to have your freedom back…and you should feel so proud for your commitment to something many struggle with.

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